BF1: *Top Plays* on the $500 *CONSOLE KILLER* 🌟 i7-870 (4.4) + ASUS RX-460 4GB [Recovered]

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2021-09-08 submitted by
Imperial Custom PC [Owner]
🔥 SUBSCRIBE 🌟 LIKE 🌟 COMMENT 🌟 SHARE 🔥 💢 I FINALLY RECOVERED / RESTORED GAMEPLAY DEMOS THATS TAKEN ME MONTHS TO REPAIR, TUNE & TRIED GETTING THE OVERALL *Visual Fidelity* AS CLOSE TO THE *ORIGINAL* OD WHICH I MANAGED TO DO SOMEWHAT USING THE PROGRAM I'VE ALWAYS RECOMMENDED FOR THIS ISSUE, BEING *TOPAZ VIDEO ENHANCE AI* TO REPIAR, BUT USE EQUALLY MY BEST RECOVERY PROGRAM CALLED *STELLAR VIDEO RECOVER:Y* SO CHECK THEM OUT! ((Not a Paid Endorsement, just sharing what works for me.)) 🌟SHOUTOUT: #ShiftyXTI (Platoon Friend from BF1) DUOs in the *Comeback* Client PC Build BF Test Gameplay in Domination! ((1080p HIGH)) 💢 OVERVIEW / QUICK SPECS 💢 🌟 This to Promote the Main Video / Build Vlog / 5-GAME FPS All-In-One, so stay tuned for the *Tech-4-Sale* Series mixing Tech/Gaming perfectly! 💢 BASE SPECS 💢 🌟 MOBO: (New) ASUS P7P55D-E (Enthusiast Level P55 Chipset made with #ROG Components, VRM, Phase Count & its super rare to a solid P55 with *BOTH* USB + SATA 3.0!) 🌟 CPU: (1st Gen) Intel Core i7-870 (2.93 GHz Stock) @ 4.4 GHz OC [[ +1 GHz Overclock getting in the *1 GHz Club* on! ]] 🌟 GPU: ASUS ROG RX-460 4GB (New) 🌟 RAM: 16GB Kingston (4x4GB) *1600 MHz* DDR3 (OC @ 1866 MHz CL9) 🌟 DRIVES: Kingston HyperX 250GB SSD + 2TB WD Black 🌟 CASE: Rosewill Nighthawk ATX (Modded to fit 240 MM Custom Water Cooling for an AIO or Custom Loop) 🌟 PC IS ON SALE, SO DM IF INTERESTED SINCE I STILL GOT PLENTY OF THESE CHIPSETS & CPU's BEFORE THE CRAZY MINING PRICE HIKES IN TECH! A GREAT TEMP SOLUTION TO GET INTO PC GAMING COMING FROM A CONSOLE OR NEW TO PC'S IN GENERAL GETTING YOUR FEET WET. 🌟 💢 Good times with a good a long time Gaming Friend back when BF1 Launched, being EVIL-ShiftyXTI doing DUOs for my Comeback after 2.5 Yrs away. This was my 1st Client Build since then & the request was a Budget Build to beat the Console for around the same money, i.e. a "CONSOLE KILLER" PC for $500! Huge SHOUTOUT to my boy *SHIFTYXTI* seen in game @ 1080p HIGH Preset to TAX the build as much I can to see if we can maintain around 40-60 FPS while RECORDING! 🌟🌟 GAME / FPS Note 🌟🌟 I totally get that you drop some settings to get better FPS, but this was to show what can be done using a PRESET which most "Casual" players use who aren't comfortable messing around with settings. Plus this reps the WORSE CASE Scenario. 💢 Even though I'm used to High Refresh Rate Gameplay at 1080p or 2K ((being over 144 Hz)) I was shocked I was able to play "Confident" when engaging enemies, even when only getting 35+ FPS ((FPS Overlay seen TOP LEFT on Screen)) So if I can be competitive at Console FPS, then you can too. 🔥 Please support by dropping a like, comment ((also please share any ideas on PC/Tech you'd like see tested or demo'd)) & give me the opportunity to earn your subscription. Thanks so much for watching & checking out my new SHORTS. 🌟Social Media(s) where I post content on as well besides just YouTube, so make sure to give me a follow there now that I'm sharing a TON of Promos, BTS, SneekPeeks, Tech-4-Sale to FPS Demos that wont be seen here anyways. Plus its easier to interact. - Thanks for all the love & sticking with me through thick & thin! 🌟 TIKTOK: 🌟 SNAPCHAT: @Jason Cunningham (ID: jkuddyh801) 🌟 CASHAPP: $ImperialCustomPC 🌟 IG: 🌟 FB: 🌟 TWITTER: 🌟 TTV: #BF1 #Tech4Sale #i7870 #RX4604GB #P55Chipset #ConsoleKiller #MiniDemo #PCGaming #GPUShowdown #GPUTest #Overclocking #OnSale #forsale #custombuild #custombuilder #freelancepcspecialist #tips #techtips #mashup #montage #promo #promote #ImperialCustomPC #ImperialStudios #ImperialCustoms #CustomPC #YouTubeShorts
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Consoole Killer
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