I'm a Custom PC Builder. Owner of Imperial Custom PC. I'm a Freelance Specialist who also is into Graphic Design, Editing, Content Creation, PC Gaming and Competitive Gamer, (2x) Cancer Survivor who now feels strong about Awareness and being a strong Support System for others in need too. Anything else please dont hesitate to ask or message me. Same for Business Inquires, Bids on my Tech for Sale items, Overstock Sale going on now including Questions and Consultation to Build a Custom PCs or one of the Pre Built PCs and discuss Payment Options, Budget Range & more is very beneficial since anything I have & get can be changed to better fit the price rage they can afford or work with to keep it simple. Lastly, Im finally allowing TRADE INS for Credit to go towards the New and Used PC Build making it a WIN WIN since itll help save my Clients even more Money while also making sure my Used Inventory doesn't run out. Thanks for you time and hope to earn your support, subscription to grow my channel mainly to grow & promote my business, but also just having engagement, likes & comments, ya know all the lovely YouTube stuff. Id completely be grateful. Take it easy
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