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Imperial Custom PC [Owner]
šŸ”„ MULTI PURPOSE VIDEO: TO SHARE GAMING NEWS, UPDATES, LEAKS & SIMPLY WHAT IS OUT THAT CAN BE PLAYED TOTALLY FREE! - - THIS GAME IS ALSO INCLUDED IN MY UPCOMING VIDEO COVERING *VRAM* IN GAMING, i.e. *3GB/4GB* OF GPU MEMORY (vRAM) ENOUGH IN 2021 ON THE LATEST *AAA* (MP) TITLES? šŸ”„ GAME OVERVIEW: #VENGEANCE *FREE TRIAL* DEMO @ 1080p HIGH (Cant go higher since we'll Bottleneck the system only having 3GB of vRAM) & its still plenty fun + FPS on Average of *120+* for High Refresh Gameplay (if using this GPU with a decent i7 or Ryzen 5 CPU) at the *HIGH TEXTURES* preset as you can clearly see. šŸ”„ VENGEANCE *FREE TO TRY* DEMO ON STEAM, HERE IS THE LINK: (( Its also 51% OFF too! Super good deal. I make nothing on telling you this nor is the link I provided tied to any Affiliate, etc. Just being cool & sharing.)) šŸ”„ GAMEPLAY PURPOSE: TO SHARE A *FREE TO TRY* FAST PACED MULTI PLAYER GAME, THAT HAS LOTS OF POTENTIAL & IS ACTUALLY VERY FUN, SO WHY NOT. TRYINT TO ALSO DO MORE OF THESE GAME/PC TECH UPDATES & SPECIALS, SO STAY TUNED! šŸ”„ PROMO CLIP: TOP PLAYS & MVPS MONTAGE USING THE GTX 1060 3GB SEGMENT THATS PART OF A LARGER *MAIN* VIDEO THATLL BE UPLOADED TO MY YOUTUBE NEXT WEEK ON THE TOPIC #vRAM IN 2021 FEAT. A COMPARE OF THE GTX 1060 3GB -vs- R9-380X 4GB šŸ”„ GAME OVERVIEW: Its a Modern-School FPS Shooter with a focus on the player (1P). Its like a FAST PACED *CS-GO* (IMO) & is obviously (based on reviews) one of the fastest multiplayer games out there with dozens of weapons and a challenging recoil. Anyways, as they say on their description of the game. "Play fast. Play the past!" šŸ”„ RECOMMENDED SPECS šŸ”„ ā¦ OS: Windows 10 (64 bit) ā¦ CPU: Intel i7-4790K / Ryzen 5 1500 ā¦ System Memory: 8 GB RAM (Minimum) || I Recommend 16GB as the new normal in 2021. ā¦ GPU: 2 GB vRAM MINIMUM (You'd have to run 1600x900 or 720p to enjoy better Textures or "Eye Candy" with a 2GB GPU) ā¦ API: DX11/12 šŸ”„ This PC Setup is a great option for a first time Owner! Programs open near instantaneously and the computer also works great overall. Frame rate fluctuates between 85-100+ FPS on mixed settings & textures on *HIGH* (( However I play on COMPETITIVE Settings for MAX FPS )) The build is also aesthetically nice (like I do with all my builds), the white LED fans to illuminate the interior and red LED in the CPU Cooler is a good accent to the build. The computer runs silently as a Gaming Rig. However, the fans aren't afraid to run especially after I configured them to run faster than normal under load, but with Headphones on I CANT hear them! Either way the PC is solid & can EASILY handle a much NEWER & FASTER GPU too & has speed to match! šŸ”„ Social Media(s) where I post content on as well besides just YouTube, so make sure to give me a follow there now that I'm sharing a TON of Promos, BTS, SneekPeeks, Tech-4-Sale to FPS Demos that wont be seen here anyways. Plus its easier to interact. - Thanks for all the love & sticking with me through thick & thin! šŸ”„ FB: šŸ”„ IG: šŸ”„ TWITTER: šŸ”„ TIKTOK: šŸ”„ TTV: #VENGEANCE #STEAM #FREETRIAL #FREEDEMO #TRIAL #PCDEMO #GAMINGNEWS #TRYITFREE #PCGAMEPLAYDEMO #IGTVPROMO #UpcomingVRAMcomparison #NewYouTubeVideoPromo #GTX10603GB #R9380X4GB #TechNews #GameNews #FreeToPlay #NothingtoLose #FastPacedFPS #MP #CSGO #ACTIONPACKED #Montage #ImperialCustomPC #ImperialCustoms #ImperialStudios
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