LVL 1 making TRYHARDS RAGE in Champion Hill *3v3* [Fun Shorts]

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2021-12-12 submitted by
Imperial Custom PC [Owner]
●● SUBSCRIBE | LIKE | COMMENT ●● CoD: Vanguard * Champion Hill* Rage of TRYHARDS! Wait till the end when a 13yr talks mad ISH! 🤣 ================== ● Gameplay-wise, it seems to be on the right path vs others I've played. Just like Warzone, Vanguard feels great in motion and equally the gunplay! I really enjoy the Tactical Sprint that's been added. 🌟 FHD: 1920x1080 ● To run CoD Vanguard at 1080p, you need a mid-range gpu, i.e. GTX 1650 (Ti) / AMD R9-390 8GB for example is plenty and will be able to handle the title on the low/medium preset. For high or ultra settings, you will need a graphics card with more than 4GB of VRAM period. 🌟 QHD: 2560x1440 ● At 1440p and high settings, playable frame rates can be achieved with a high-end GPU being the GTX 1070 Minimum. ================== 🌟🌟 Social Media 🌟🌟 🌟 TIKTOK: 🌟 ODYSEE (New Account): 🌟 RUMBLE (New YouTube): 🌟 SNAPCHAT: @JasonCunningham (ID: jkuddyh801) 🌟 IG: 🌟 FB: 🌟 TWITTER: 🌟 TTV: 🌟 CASHAPP: $ImperialCustomPC ================== #codvanguard #3v3 #rageouts #championhill #clutchwin #codclips #callofduty #callofdutyvanguard #ftw #gaming #gamer #pcgaming #pcgamer #pcbuild #gtx1070 #fyp #imperial #imperialcustoms #imperialcustompc
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