THOR LOVE & THUNDER Supercut Fan Film!

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Imperial Custom PC [Owner]
THOR & THOR vs GORR THE GOD BUTCHER! (Supercut Film) —————————— ▫️ Here's the showdown of THOR ODINSON + THE MIGHTY THOR vs GORR THE GOD BUTCHER! See all my fan films below on my page! ———————————————— 💎 Characters to know 💎 ☑️ DR. Jane Foster aka "The Mighty Thor" (Thor's Lover) ▫️ She's one of the most brilliant astrophysicists. As we find out she has Stage 4 Cancer so she took a trip to New Asgard seeking a cure where she visited the broken pieces of Mjolnir. Because THOR previously enchanted it to protect her it immediately found Jane Foster WORTHY when the shattered Mjolnir mysteriously transforms her into The Mighty Thor! ☑️ GORR aka GORR "The God Butcher 💎 Early Years 💎 ▫️ Gorr was taught to trust in the gods, but they never answered him. As a kid, he lost his parents forcing him to grow up harsh & alone. He later married & had kids who all eventually died. After his daughters death from starvation is what made him question & be angry at the Gods, later becoming the "God Butcher" 💎 The God Butcher 💎 ▫️ After his son died, Gorr gave up hope & wandered the desert where he saw a pair of Battling Gods — One was a Dark Elder God & a Gold God. He was shocked that gods actually did exist. After the death of the of the Dark God he grabbed the Sword which transformed & bound itself to him. This weapon was know as "All-Black the Necrosword" that gave insane power levels where he used this "gift" traveling the Universe with his combined 3000 years of Fight Training to kill every God he encountered! —————————— ♦️ Showing my nerd side since I'm a huge MCU / DCEU / MONSTERVERSE fan which is why I enjoy doing these Supercuts/Fan Films/Boss Battle Videos. Hope you enjoy this Remix & if you do please take a sec and give the video a Like, Comment & Follow! #thorloveandthunder #thorvsgorr #gorrthegodbutcher #mcu #fanfilm #gaming #gamer #marvel #marvellegends #marvelcomics #mcucosplay #gameplay #movie #film #creator #videogames #warzone #battlefield #haloinfinite #apexlegends #fortnite #xbox #playstation #explorepage #foryourpage #fyp #esports
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