SNIPER CONTRACTS 2 | My 1ST COMMENTARY in 2021 | #Tech4Sale Request: i7-3770K + RX 480 8GB

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šŸ”„ *TIMESTAMPS* BELOW FOR THOSE WANTING TO SKIP TO A CERTAIN SEGMENT OR FPS RESULTS šŸ”„ šŸ”„ IG Request & Overview: @00:08 šŸ”„ My 1st Commentary in 2021series on *Tech-4-Sale* starts: @00:15 šŸ”„ Thank you for an epic 2021, New Subs, Followers & Growth: @00.28 šŸ”„ The Business, What's Coming & being Tested to Tips for better FPS starts: @00.48 šŸ”„ PC Specs, Small Overview, Sales & Process: @01:01 šŸ”„ Settings / Gameplay / FPS Demo begins @02:34 šŸ”„ FPS Results & Final Thoughts starts: @10:19 = GAME: Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is a tactical shooter stealth video game developed and published by CI Games. It is the sixth entry in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series and is the sequel to Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. - - - Note: Crytek are who created CRYSIS, so you know that Engine is very Demanding & Taxing. * RELEASE: Win10, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S & PS5 ((June 5th 2021)) * GENRES: Tactical Shooter + Stealth * MODES: SP + MP - Ive been in the process of testing viable solutions in todays current market that's FULL of INFLATED GPU Prices. But its also good to see what the TOP TIER GPU's that're still relevant, even in 2021 & seeing that you can find some RX 480 8GB ((even though still pricey)) for around that $200-250+ marker, makes the PC Build as a whole a dang good deal right now! So, lets push the CPU/GPU to the Limit & see how well it holds up in this NEW *CRYTEK* Engine Game ... aka #GPUKILLER ;) - #IGTV (Instagram Request) by *Kevin McBride* - Featuring the *i7-3770K* @ 4.85 GHz (Delid) & has the XFX RX 480 GTR Black Edition 8GB that is a SILICON LOTTERY WINNER since it Overclocks better then MOST of the RX-580's I've owned/tested. That's WITHOUT doing anything to the vBios! Either way, based off the Request, I feel the PC is a perfect *Sweet Spot* for solid High Refresh Rate 1080p Gaming & after doing the test, I was very pleased how well it did getting around that 80-100 FPS Target @ 1080p *MED* Preset with Visual Fidelity on *HIGH* & as a *SIDE NOTE* if your NOT RECORDING you can expect an even bigger FPS Boost gaining around 13 to 25+ FPS. - This PC Setup is a great option for a first time Owner! Programs open near instantaneously and the computer also works great as a Workstation or for Gaming overall. The build is also aesthetically nice (like I do with all my builds), The computer runs silent! However, the fans aren't afraid to run especially after I configured them to run faster than normal under load, but with Headphones on I CANT hear them! Either way the PC is solid & can EASILY handle a much NEWER & FASTER GPU too! - Social Media(s) where I post content on as well besides just YouTube, so make sure to give me a follow there now that I'm sharing a TON of Promos, BTS, SneekPeeks, Tech-4-Sale to FPS Demos that wont be seen here anyways. Plus its easier to interact. Thanks for all the love & sticking with me through thick & thin! šŸ”„ FB: šŸ”„ IG: šŸ”„ TWITTER: šŸ”„ TIKTOK: šŸ”„ TTV: #i73770K #RX4808GB #IGRequest #SniperGhostWarriorContracts2 #inflatedPRICINGworkaround #1080p #1080pGaming #PCDemo #BudgetBuilds #Revisit #PCGameplay #PCGaming #PCDemo #FPSDemo #Promo #NewContent #imparialCustomPC #ImperialStudios
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