Battlefield 2042 | i7-2600 in 2021 | Budget Client Build Demo [900p vs 1080p]

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2021-11-19 submitted by
Imperial Custom PC [Owner]
What a BRUTAL experience for 3x games until I got used to the LOW *30* FPS at 1080p & *45+* FPS at 900p ... SMH, regardless for a client budget build, its "playable" for sure, but not competitively. More for Casual play. We'll see after I show the client & see if he wants to upgrade CPU/GPU for a better FPS. - CPU: i7-2600 @ 3.5 GHz (Max Turbo) - BUDGET GPU: ASUS RX-560 4GB Rest based on Final Budget ================== 🌟REMIDNER🌟 ● Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you're doing is safe. That said, BF2042 has a LOT of issues I hope get fixed before the "Main" launch where we dont need stupid AI and more. 🌟DX12 FIX🌟 ● Its CLEAR the FPS differences between Budget & Mid Level Builds is damn near the same. Even those on the i9 / 3080 dont like the performance, so based on that alone, the FPS you see in game will eventually be better after its "Ironed Out" aka Optimized, especially DX12 since its turned off & you have to manually turn it on in the "PROFSAVE_profile" option in the BF2042 Settings in the *Documents* Folder that you'll need to open with Notepad. To do this, after opening in Notepad/WordPad, scroll down till you see the option "GstRender.Dx12Enabled" and if you see a "0" after that means its turned OFF. To turn it on, simply replace the "0" for a "1" then Click SAVE. ================== * Shoutout to VII-Deltara greatest BF LIVESTREAMER playing the best BF ever! [Lol inside joke] His Links: TTV: YT: IG: TT: * Shoutout to my boy ELDR-Danceswthmice for joining me early in the Benchmark! His YT Link: ================== 🌟TIMESTAMPS 🌟 * Intro: @00:00 * 900p 45 FPS Clip: @00:12 (Info on Banner) * 1080p 30+ FPS Match 1: @00:51 (Info on Banner) * 1080p 30+ FPS Match 2: @03:12 * 1080p 30+ FPS Last Match: @07:50 * Outro: @10:55 All Edited For Time - Extended Demo to give a REAL WORLD outlook on the PC Build Capabilities & since there are many variables in Benchmarking MP Games, its crucial to get multiple maps / rounds to give a better insight on the OVERALL FPS and how it holds up so there is ZERO doubt how the Build Performs to give the buyer / client vital details to make a better or more informed decision making when buying a PC. ================== 🌟🌟 Social Media 🌟🌟 🌟 TIKTOK: 🌟 RUMBLE (New YouTube): 🌟 SNAPCHAT: @Jason Cunningham (ID: jkuddyh801) 🌟 IG: 🌟 FB: 🌟 TWITTER: 🌟 TTV: 🌟 CASHAPP: $ImperialCustomPC ================== #BF2042 #i72600 #RX560 #ClientBuild #BudgetPC #Battlefield #Battlefield2042 #PCDemo #FPSDemo #CustomPC #PCBuild #Tech4Sale #ImperialCustoms #ImperialStudios #ImperialGaming #PCGaming #Viral #Trending #Benchmark
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