Call of Duty: Vanguard *BLITZ* | GTX 1080 Ti *2K* Requested Demo [36 Kills + MVP]

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2021-11-17 submitted by
Imperial Custom PC [Owner]
●● SUBSCRIBE | LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE ●● ● 1st Gameplay & Requested Benchmark / FPS Demo for potential buyer *Mike Christiansen* || 1x RND (Match 3) 1ST MVP Clip testing the GTX 1080 Ti [Edited for Time] 🌟 2K HIGH RESULTS: 107 FPS (77 Min, 83 0.1% Low, 91 1% Low) ● Because of wide swings in performance (depending on the level and amount of effects on screen), Vanguard is not easy to benchmark. Because its a first-person shooter, it requires at least 60 FPS for an enjoyable gaming experience. ● Gameplay-wise, it seems to be on the right path vs other I've played. Just like Warzone, Vanguard feels great in motion. The gunplay is solid as well. 🌟 FHD: 1920x1080 ● To run CoD Vanguard at 1080p, you need a mid-range gpu on the level of the GTX 1650 (Ti) for example is plenty and will be able to handle the title on the low/medium preset. For high or ultra settings, you will need a graphics card with more than 4 GB of VRAM period. 🌟 QHD: 2560x1440 ● At 1440p and high settings, playable frame rates can be achieved with a high-end GPU. ================== 🌟🌟 Social Media 🌟🌟 🌟 YOUTUBE: 🌟 TIKTOK: 🌟 RUMBLE (New YouTube): 🌟 SNAPCHAT: @JasonCunningham (ID: jkuddyh801) 🌟 IG: 🌟 FB: 🌟 TWITTER: 🌟 TTV: 🌟 CASHAPP: $ImperialCustomPC ================== #CoD #Vanguard #GTX1080Ti #NewGame #Benchmark #CallofDuty #CallofdutyVanguard #CoD #Vanguard #codclips #ColdWar #2021 #Gameplay #PCTest #GPUTest #2K #1440p #pcgaming #pcgameplay #mashup #ForSale #OnSale #Request #imperialcustompc #imperialstudios #imperialcustoms #imperialgaming #bfyhp #fyp #viral #trending
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Agree, just subbed
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Nice video man. It's cool u do these real word benchmarks so we can see how good it does vs bars n graphs most tech tubers do. PS Just subbed
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