Battlefield 2042 ● Client Budget PC Demo feat. AMD FX-8350 in 2021 [Commentary Version]

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2021-11-18 submitted by
Imperial Custom PC [Owner]
🌟CLIENT 2: Jose Padilla (IG Referral)🌟 New BF2042 on the AMD FX-8350 + RX 480 8GB Budget PC in 2021! ================== 🌟REMIDNER🌟 ● Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you're doing is safe. That said, BF2042 has a LOT of issues I hope get fixed before the "Main" launch where we dont need stupid AI and more. 🌟DX12 FIX🌟 ● Its CLEAR the FPS differences between Budget & Mid Level Builds is damn near the same. Even those on the i9 / 3080 dont like the performance, so based on that alone, the FPS you see in game will eventually be better after its "Ironed Out" aka Optimized, especially DX12 since its turned off & you have to manually turn it on in the "PROFSAVE_profile" option in the BF2042 Settings in the *Documents* Folder that you'll need to open with Notepad. To do this, after opening in Notepad/WordPad, scroll down till you see the option "GstRender.Dx12Enabled" and if you see a "0" after that means its turned OFF. To turn it on, simply replace the "0" for a "1" then Click SAVE. 🌟COMPARE -vs- PART 1 (i7-2600+RX 560 4GB)🌟 ● The *FX-8350 + RX 480 8GB* beat out the *i7-2600 + RX 560 4GB* ending up a better Budget Build for slightly more due to the reality most buyers deal with strict/tight budgets & dont have 2K to get a decked out PC like you see all over YouTube, that's not reality. Anyways, FX 8350 w/8 Threads & is also Overclockable getting way more IPC vs the i7-2600 which is a LOCKED CPU and cant OC wont be able to match & the CPU's are basically the same price in 2021. That's not saying later the i7-2600 Client cant upgrade to the i7-2700K to get a massive boost & can handle a GPU up to the GTX 1080 Ti / 2070 range max which are still very strong cards & will easily get you by for a few more years. All in all, this setup was Playable for more Casual Gaming & not Competitive. ● PART 1: 🌟SHORT *PC* OVERVIEW🌟 ● NEW *AMD 970* Chipset feat the ASUS MODEL which was the Last Version made before Ryzen dropped & is the only AMD 970 Motherboard that included Ryzen features like M.2 (NVME Support), USB 3.1 & RGB! This Build will do 1080p Medium with an AVG of 48-55 FPS while Recording vs NOT Recording we got 67+ FPS which is good seeing we are in 2021! Also, for my viewers who dont know, most all my *Overstock* Inventory is 95% NEW and NEVER USED. So its not like buying a USED OLDER AMD 970 / 990 FX Build, rather a brand new one still in box for more piece of mind. Regardless for a client budget build, its "playable" for sure and I assume after updates/optimization will get only better. 🌟VIP REMINDER WHY DEMOS MUST BE EXTENED FOR ACCURACY🌟 ● This is a REAL WORLD look of the PC and its capabilities. Another reason is there are TOO many variables in Benchmarking MP Games so its crucial to get multiple maps / rounds in to give a better insight on the OVERALL FPS and how it holds up so there is ZERO doubt how the Build Performs to give the buyer / client vital details to make a better or more informed decision making when buying a PC. ================== 1) Shoutout: VII-Deltara the greatest LIVESTREAMER playing BF2042 aka the GREATEST Game Ever Made! [Inside joke from his Livestream - Gotta check him out!] ●● 🌟VII-DELTARA LINKS🌟 ● TTV: ● YT: ● IG: ● TT: 2) Shoutout: ELDR-Danceswthmice for joining me in these new 2x Budget Build Benchmarks. ●● 🌟ELDR-DANCESWTHMICE LINK🌟 ● YT: ================== ●● My Social Media ●● 🌟 TIKTOK: 🌟 RUMBLE (New YouTube): 🌟 SNAPCHAT: @Jason Cunningham (ID: jkuddyh801) 🌟 IG: 🌟 FB: 🌟 TWITTER: 🌟 TTV: 🌟 CASHAPP: $ImperialCustomPC #BF2042 #DeltaraEdition #Part2 #FX8350 #RX480 #BudgetPC #Benchmark #1080p #Battlefield #Battlefield2042 #PCDemo #FPSDemo #CustomPC #PCBuild #Tech4Sale #ImperialCustoms #ImperialStudios #ImperialGaming #PCGaming #Viral #Trending #YouTubeGaming
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Cool vid
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Dude the FX still holding it down, haha. Nice work. To bad the game poorly optimized like u said. Just subbed
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