BF1 (2K) #ProjectFineWine: RX-480 in 2018/2020 (Recovered) SHOTTI Montage [Part 1]

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2021-10-08 submitted by
Imperial Custom PC [Owner]
●●SUBSCRIBE | LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE ●● Battlefield 1 @ 2K (Med) on the X79 feat. the i7-4960X @ 4.4 OC paired with the ASUS STRIX ROG RX 580 OC ((2020 Clip)) & XFX GTR RX-480 BLACK EDITION OC Comparison & Build testing the Top (G.C.N) GPU's first in my new AMD GPU Showdown Series called #ProjectFineWine showing how AMD G.C.N (Graphics Core Next) GPU's get faster / age better over time ... like FINEWINE, hence the term Fine Wine Technology. All backed with PC/GPU Cam. - Dont want to let go to waste all the good old Benchmarks/PC Demos that I've recovered off a Corrupted Hard Drive. Some of which goes back years that I never got around to finishing. This was just a fun SHOTTI gameplays from 2018 & 2020 ((Since older I'm going to compare the same GPU's in 2021 & the Drivers to Compare Performance Differences over the years with Optimized Drivers & how that translates the "Overall" FPS ... If any.)) - Re-Branding, going to focus the Gaming part with *TECH ZONE GAMING* for Hardware / PC / FPS Demos & keeping the *IMPERIAL* brand for the business name but more focused on other Projects like eSports, Highlights, Competitive Gaming & more for your entertainment while also collabing with other Top Level / PRO Players to make the Videos more action packed. - Just banging these out, since getting a lot of requests on Xeons to the X58/X79/X99 Based Builds. So ill do a bunch of different CPU's for those X Series Chipsets, including the BEAST XEONS that come with them. Still doing #PROJECTFINEWINE the AMD 15-GPU (GCN) SHOWDOWN. Almost finished with the RX 580 / 590 tests. - As always (I may be bias) but BF1 pretty much on most Hardware that Decent to High End runs amazing, especially in DX11. It "FELT" very smooth, especially when on 165 Hz. 🔥 Please support by dropping a like, comment [also please share any ideas on PC/Tech you'd like see tested or demos] & give me the opportunity to earn your subscription. Thanks so much for watching & checking out my new SHORTS. 🔥 Social Media(s) where I post content on as well besides just YouTube, so make sure to give me a follow there now that I'm sharing a TON of Promos, BTS, SneekPeeks, Tech-4-Sale to FPS Demos that wont be seen here anyways. Plus its easier to interact. - Thanks for all the love & sticking with me through thick & thin! 🔥 TIKTOK: 🔥 SNAPCHAT: @Jason Cunningham (ID: jkuddyh801) 🔥 CASHAPP: $ImperialCustomPC 🔥 IG: 🔥 FB: 🔥 TWITTER: 🔥 TTV: #Tech4Sale #AmdGCNShowdown #ProjectFineWine #X79 #Benchmark #Battlefield1 #BF1 #Viral #PCCam #Livecam #Validation #FPSDemo #2K #1440p #Exclussive #BacktoBF1 #BF1in2021 #i74960X #RX580 #ASUSSTRIXROGRX580 #XFXRX480GTR #RX480vsRX580 #TechZoneGaming
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