<p>Just your every day average joe/noob on playstation 4. I share genuine reactions to games that include rainbow 6 siege, fifa, and any new and interesting game.</p>

Strat Roulette/ Rainbow 6 Siege

What is going on my lovely amigos. Its your dude YIPPEE with another video of Rainbow 6 Siege in which I try the infamous strat roulette. This is mostly a gag video and has shows no skill whatsoever haha. Please sit back and enjoy the video. As always I will see you amigos out there. […]

I Am Traumatized/ Outlast

Happy Halloween my lovely amigos!!! This is my first attempt on a horror game on this channel. I wanted to get in the spooky celebration by sharing my first time playing Outlast. This is probably also one of my longest videos up to date. This video is also considered by me as a walkthrough of […]