Top 5 Hidden Moons Super Mario Odyssey- Sand Kingdom

Some of the most difficult parts of Super Mario Odyssey has less to do with the jumping and platforming and more to do with the hidden moons. It can be dang near impossible to find all of the hidden moons if you don’t know where to look. In this video I will show you where to find the five hardest moons in the Sand Kingdom.

Footrace Mini Game Challenge- Breath of the Wild

I challenge you to the Footrace Minigame!

The Footrace Check-in is located East of the Great Plateau Tower. If you go to the Tabantha Bridge Stable all you have to do is head straight North. You will find the Footrace Check In on your right-hand side. You should be able to see some smoke which will point you in the right direction. (unless it is raining)

SNES Classic Unboxing + Giveaway

This video is my first impressions and unboxing of a SNES Classic. There is also an announcement for a SNES Classic Giveaway! First off the artwork on the box is great. The colors all pop and you can clearly see all the difference games available. Be sure to let me know in the comments what game or games you are looking forward to playing.

Terror of the mountain

The Lord of the Mountain is one of the coolest parts of playing Breath of the Wild. In the video I decide to change things up a bit. Link is always going around saving everybody. NOT TODAY!

SNES Classic Giveaway

I am giving away a SNES Classic!

I want to help grow this channel and promote a community. This giveaway is my way of saying thank you for checking out the channel and I hope that some of you will like the content and want to stick around. If the contest goes well I will plan on doing more in the future.