Been a while, PAPERGUY IS BACK YALL! I played this game in the past was a fun experience was very short, but had a blast, this time we get into the nitty gritty, its a lot more detailed than the last time, more commands, and actual NPC interaction, we see a dog, visit a fisherman, […]

A STEP IN ABBY’S WORLD!! | Heart of The Wood| |Ending/walkthroughletsplay|

What a great way to close this game, although its not over! nope its a demo so Im hoping we get more! such an amazing game and I am honestly impressed, such great dialougue and character development makes me really happy to have played it, and cant wait for the full game to drop! You […]

FROM SQUID TO OCTOLING! | Splatoon 2: Octoling expansion| Blind Letsplay/walkthrough|

Support the stream: We in there! in case yall didnt know Splatoon is one of my favorite titles on the nintendo switch right now! I do enjoy inking others, and now I can do it as a Octoling, Plus new Expansion! LETS DO IT!

Welcome to Stories: Path of Destinies in SPOD EP 1

Welcome to Stories: Path of Destinies in SPOD EP 1 Get it on Steam: Stories Path of Destinies is an action packed RPG where the story is decided by the choices you make. Choosing the wrong path may lead to a deadly ending but it may provide important information needed to continue down a […]

Welcome to Balrum EP 1

Welcome to Balrum EP 1 Balrum is a text heavy, quest driven based RPG set in a deep beautiful wooded area known as Dark wood.  The game starts in the village of Dark wood where things just don’t seem right. There are obviously secrets that have been kept hidden for many years, but why? Please join me and […]

Welcome to Little Nightmares LN Ep 1

Welcome to Little Nightmares LN Ep 1 Little Nightmares is a new horror game released by Bandai games. Join me as I attempt to help six escape the Maw, a vessel full of corrupted souls who want to make us their dinner. This is guaranteed to scare the headphones right off of us! Join us […]

Welcome to Hellenica ep 1

Welcome to Hellenica ep 1 Hellenica is a turn-based tactics RPG. Come along as we explore a steampunk type Greece world playing Artemis’ bear warrior. If you like to laugh, play games, and be entertained by silly hillbilly antics while I plays games then you are in the right place! I publish “Let’s PlayWalkthroughs” […]

Welcome to Prison Architect PA EP 1

Welcome to Prison Architect PA EP 1 Prison Architect is singleplayer sandbox game. Come as I build and manage a Maximum Security Prison. Find em on If you like to laugh, play games, and be entertained by silly hillbilly antics while I plays games then you are in the right place! I publish “Let’s […]

Impossible Try not to laugh challenge! | Amazon Echo: Youtubers EDITION|

Not sponsored either! So we doing something a little strange, SYPHON a react video!? yes I am reacting to a couple youtubers videos -can find them in the description! but yeah so I was like what is an amazon echo and I was curious looked it up, then I found all these other videos and […]


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Yakuza 6: Song of Life – stream 3 | Redshirts

Well, guess Kiryu can never keep his identity a secret for long… — Watch live at

WHAT THE HECK AM I PLAYIN.. | Sonic Suggests| Letsplay/Walkthrough

So we are at it again a random indie game found on itchio! Oh no! Evil Dr.Eegman is back with his new genious plan! He teleported Modern Sanic to “Classic Sanic’s” dimension, and now only you can help him to return back. Find a way to fight back to Dr.Eegman, and return to your own […]

YOU’D THINK I’D LEARN BY NOW.. | The Lunatic| Letsplay/walkthrough

Found a new indie game to delve in, Justin Simmonds wakes up on the floor in an old rehabilitation isolated room. He can’t remember what happened or how he got there. All he knows is that he is currently being treated for the apparitions he’s been seeing and Doctor Theodore Mason has offered him a […]

Welcome to Bloodlust2 on Bloodust2 ep 1

Welcome to Bloodlust2 on Bloodust2 ep 1 Bloodlust 2: Nemesis is a “Hack ‘n Slash – Dungeon Crawling – Action RPG” game. The journey begins as we explore the dark underworld of a forgotten society of Vampires and their disciplines. These particular vampires have a scientifically enhanced monstrous power and we are going to find […]

Welcome to Omensight ep 1

Welcome to Omensight ep 1 Welcome to Omensight. Omensight is an Action Murder Mystery game. We begin the game as powerful mystical warrior who saw the destruction of the world. In order to avoid this chaos and destruction, we must travel back in time and solve the murder of the Godless priestess. Take a look […]

First Look at PixARK EP 1

First Look at PixARK EP 1 PixArk Welcome to PixARK, a new game from the creators Snailgames. This is a “ARK Survival Evolved” type exploration game. PixArk brings the dinosaurs from the ARK Survival Evolved game with the building aspects of Minecraft. We embark with friends to craft, fight, and tame our way to victory. […]

Welcome to Antharion ep 1

Welcome to Antharion ep 1 Welcome to Antharion. Antharion is a fantasy RPG from the old school days. We start by customizing a party of four. The game has seven races, nine classes and fifteen skills. This game offer many different play styles . On Antharion there is ton of different things to do. We […]

MUSIC DROPS AND SO DOES MY LIFE! | Die Zombie Die| letsplay/walkthrough

An indie game suggested by a creator, and a good friend Shweebe AKA Sherbert! she knows how weak I get with GOOD ass music, I hope yall enjoy, feel free to check this out, show the devs some love and support! was fun and can get addictive so you been warned! Play the game: […]

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life – Stream 2 | Redshirts

The first actual steps in the Tokyo of 2016, join in! — Watch live at
letsplay with derwingamer2 : DDA day

letsplay with derwingamer2 : DDA day

CREATION CRATE OFFER 10% off your first box thanks for watchning add me on snapchat: host me on add me send bitcoin to Add me as a contact on YouTube. get the shirt here buy games cheaper here . […]

HOW TO CATER TO YOUR GHOST 101! | Heart Of The Wood| Letsplay/walkthrough #2

My apologies if you guys find the video a bit wonky with greenscreen or certain edits! am adjusting to a whole new editing program! thanks for the support ofc any feedback will be cool too I use Vegas Pro now! More Heart of The Wood time, we are now delving into an even deeper into […]

Yakuza 0 – stream 12 (last one) | Redshisrts

Let’s finish this! — Watch live at

Yakuza 6: Song of Life – Stream 1 | Redshirts

A small start of Yakuza 6. — Watch live at

WE ARE IN THERE BOYZ! | Senran Kagura: Shinobi Refle | LIVE

So we take a trip in the Jp realm, relflection and interaction with our favorite character from the Senran Kagura series Asuka! as we are to translate and help her do whatever she wants to get done 😀