Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Remakes – Could They WORK?

A lot of the people in the community recently have been bringing up the discussion more frequently of Sonic adventure 1 & 2 remasters. And I wanted to bring up the idea of SEGA actually making this work in this current time. *Join the Discord 😀 *Check out Jon’s music: *FOLLOW ME ON […]

Sonic Forces: HUGE NEW STORY DETAILS! Silver & Espio roles!

We got some huge new Sonic forces details regarding the story and how the game starts out and what leads to what we see in the trailers as well as role placement of characters! also vote on this: source: *Join the Discord 😀 *FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH! * *FOLLOW ON TWITTER! […]

Why I think Modern Sonic Games need 2D – Quick Rant

Hello welcome to my short and quick rant on why Modern Sonic games need 2D still. This is my opinion addressing people’s complaints on 2D sections in a modern sonic game, Hope you enjoy. *Also comments are disabled on this video because once again people seem to not get the idea of what something actually […]