Devilishly Tricky SIde Mission

This was a bit of a strange quest line, but it was a fun one at that

WHEN TOYS RULE THE ARCADE! | Digimon: Hacker’s Memory | Part: 20

In today’s case, old school digital toys begin wreaking havoc on children’s new favorite pass time, video games! THIS . WILL . NOT . STAND! Subscribe here for more: Follow me on: -Facebook: -Twitter: -Tumblr: -Become a Patron: Gameplay, Playthrough, Gaming, Lets Play, Steam, PC, PC Gaming, XBox One, Playstation […]

THE AIR ITSELF IS BURNING | Breath of the Wild: Part 49

Today we are finally making the journey to where the final divine beast is. First we activate the final tower in the game. On the way to Goron City, it becomes so hot from the volcano that the air itself is burning. We get some fireproof elixirs to remedy that. We also do a shrine […]

THE SHRINE AT THE END OF THE WORLD | Breath of the Wild: Part 46

Today we are going to a couple of shrines that were recently pinned. On the way there, I find out how cold it can actually get in the Hebra region. We also find our first labyrinth and we have to navigate that somehow. Outro background made by “Amitai Angor AA VFX”: Outro Music Info: […]

EX Ancient Horse Rumors Ancient Bridle and Saddle Location in Breath of the Wild

Today we are looking at the EX Ancient Horse Rumors side quest where we will find the ancient horse bridle and and ancient horse saddle. Then Ancient horse bridle will give your horse an extra two stamina. You can increase your horse’s stamina further by feeding them food that provides extra stamina wheels as well: […]