NEW Fortnite JETPACK Gameplay (Xbox One)

I was playing some Fortnite while I stumbled upon the new Jetpack in the game, so I started to record and get some gameplay for my subscribers. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did then like the video already, I would like to see feedback on my videos, also Subscribe if you’re new […]

My First Fortnite Edit | #ReplayRoyale Submission

This is my submission for Epic Games’ #ReplayRoyale contest. If you liked this edit, please share it and give it a like 🙂 This is also my fierst ever Fortnite edit, please don’t hate in the comments. The editing software I used was Vegas Pro 15 and the Replay feature in Fortnite itself to get […]

Fortnite: Battle Royale Funny Moments | Nice Butt!

I know, I know, a Fortnite video, haven’t seen that game in a while. Please watch this video for it’s content, don’t neglect it because it’s a Fortnite video mmk, thanks 🙂 This video is a compilation of all the funny moments my friends and I had in our Gaming session while playng Fortnite: Battle […]

Leprechaun In Call of Duty!? (COD: WW2 Leprechaun Hunt)

This video includes me hunting for a leprechaun in the new mode Leprechuan Hunt on Call of Duty: WW2. I thought this game mode and just update in general for COD: WW2 was pretty cool. If you would like for me to play more Call of Duty or any other games, just tell me an […]

Squeaker Breaks My Ears! | Fortnite: Battle Royale Funny Moments

I warn you, this video is highly cancerous. This is a Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments video. In this video my friend Killacarlos25 and I play Fortnite with two kids and the squeaker nearly breaks my ears when he screams at the top of his lungs after an enemy startles him and or takes him […]

Prop Hunt With The Boys | COD WW2 Prop Hunt Funny Moments

This is COD WW2 Prop Hunt Funny Moments with my friends on Xbox. This was recorded a little while ago and I just now got around to editing it. I put in some time into this so a like would be appreciated. Please share my videos with friends that you think would like my videos, […]

ALL DLC Pack 6 Animated Story Cutscenes | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

All the animated story cutscenes for DLC 6 of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 are in this video. I love these animations, they look so awesome and crisp. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did then like the video already, I would like to see feedback on my videos, also Subscribe if you’re new […]

Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct Gameplay Showcase DLC 6 Extra Pack 2 | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

This video is gameplay of Goku Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 EARLY. I didn’t talk in this video because I have strep throat and I don’t feel the best, but I still want to make videos for you 🙂 I got my hands on DLC Extra Pack 2 a little early so I […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts 5 Years Later

In this video I play a Call of Duty that is 5 years old. The game is Call of Duty: Ghosts. I’ve seen one of the YouTubers I watch do this (M3RKMUS1C) and I decided that I would make a video on Ghosts 5 years later. It’s crazy to think the game is 5 years […]

Friendly Online Battles! | Dragon Ball FighterZ Online Gameplay

In this video my friend and I battle eachother online on Dragon Ball FighterZ on the Xbox One. This gameplay was recorded a little while ago. Sorry about the game audio being too loud to hear my friend sometimes, the game is really loud and I wasn’t prepared to make quality content on it :/ […]

COD NOOB Gets Lucky!? | COD WW2 Resistance Gun Game Gameplay (Xbox One)

This video is a COD WW2 cut commentary meaning I cut ot some of my commentary audio where I wasn’t talking and if I felt like shouldn’t be in the video. I played the featured game mode on the game at the time which was Resisteance Gun Game. In the video I also explain or […]

Fortnite NOOBS | Fortnite Funny Moments and Highlights

Fortnite NOOBS | Fortnite Funny Moments and Highlights My friend and I decided to play some Fortnite on the PC, and uh we aren’t too good but I hope you still enjoy the video. This is just a short video on some highlights or funny moments of our play session. If you would like to […]

A Little Channel Update. (Read Description)

This is just a little update for you guys and girls. There is very little editing in this video, because I wanted to get this video out to you and get started on my next project as soon as possible. I am not going to be completing the playthrough for Dragon Ball FighterZ, it’s just […]

How To Change Your Xbox One Background To A Custom Image

This is a video on how to change your Xbox One background to a custom image. That’s right, you can change the background of your Xbox by using a USB and A PC or computer. In the video I explain and show ou how to do it. First you download a picture and put it […]

COD WW2 Resistance Division Gameplay (Knife Only)

This is my gameplay video for the new resistance division in COD WW2. In this video I try to use the knife for the most part but use the pistol if I really needed to. The resistance division is okay in my opinion but is fun to mess around with, but I haven’t unlocked all […]

Frieza and Cell Team Up!? Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode Playthrough Super Warriors Arc Ep. 3

This is the 3rd episode or part to my Dragon Ball FighterZ Playthrough series. In this episode I rescue Majin Buu (Fat) and Frieza and Cell think of teaming up!? Sorry for not getting these playthrough videos out as soon as possible but I will try to get them out sooner. I hope you enjoyed […]

Metal Gear Survive Beta Coop Gameplay (Xbox One)

This is another gameplay video on the beta for Metal Gear Survive. This time I played with my brother. I though this game was pretty coola nd fun but not enough for me to actually purchase the full game when it comes out in the comments. Let me know if you guys are going to […]

Krillin V.S Cell! Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode Playthrough Ep. 2

Welcome to the second part or episode of my playthrough for Dragon Ball FighterZ on the Xbox One. In this part I take on Cell and try to defeat him with only Krillin. We are also introduced to a new character specific to this game only, Android 21. I think she has something to do […]

The Seven Deadly Sins | You So Precious When You Smile (MEME)

This is a little different than my usual content but I hope you still enjoy it. I put too much time into this than I should have. I saw that there was a meme going around with this song in it so I made this AMV (Anime Music Video). Supposedly the meme is called “you […]

COD WW2 Prop Hunt! (Resistance Update)

So Sledgehammer Games added Prop Hunt to the game modes of WW2. I don’t know why they would add this as a “LIMITED TIME” only game mode, it is so fun and is one of my favorites to play. So anyway this is some prop hunt on WW2 gameplay with some commentary. I hope you […]

I’m Goku!? Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode Super Warriors Arc Playthrough Ep. 1

This is part 1 or episode 1 of my playthrough series for Dragon Ball FighterZ. In this episode I take control of Goku’s body and he is unable to fight for himself!? Somehow android 16 is back but he’s different. There are things called waves affecting the Z Fighters which has immobilized them. What, you […]

I Got a Little Rusty | Dragon Ball FighterZ Extra Xbox One Beta Gameplay

So Xbox players got an extra beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ and you already know I’m going to be playing this beta. I am glad they did this because the previous xbox beta had some connection issues, sometimes it could take up to 20 minutes just to find a match on the beta. Thank you […]

Metal Gear Survive Beta Gameplay (Xbox One)

I looked at the game demos on Xbox One and found this beta (Metal Gear Survive), so I decided to download it and play it, its 8GB by the way. This game is like Metal Gear Solid but with zombies/wanderers and you have to survive waves to complete missions. The only game mode in this […]

The End For Small Youtubers?

I know I’m a little late to this topic but I thought I’d make a video on this new YouTube Partner Program Policy. I didn’t incorporate too much into this video, just a little taste of what was on the blog I read off of. I don’t like this new thing for small creators but […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ New Open Beta Date and Details

This is just a short update video for you guys giving you the details on the new open beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ happening on January 17th starting at 9:00AM PST and ending at 9:00PM PST on January 18th. I’m happy they let us have another day, the previous beta was all over the place, […]

4K Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Online Matches Gameplay on the Xbox One

This is a video of some online casual matches in Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta in 4K 60fps. I don’t plan to do this often because the render and upload time for 4K60fps videos are pretty long, but if you want more just tell me in the comments and I’ll consider doing this again. I […]

My First Online Matches! | Dragon Ball FighterZ Early Access Beta Gameplay

This video is a re-upload because the previous upload was stuck at 360p. So this video is me playing the Dragon Ball FighterZ Early Access Beta on the Xbox One with commentary. This video shows my first times playing this game online. I’m liking this game a lot, I hope I can become better at […]