FAREWELL CHLOE AND MAX!! | Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Farewell (Bonus Episode)

I missed a week due to sickness. I come back and play this. The final Life Is Strange episode involving Chloe and Max. And just like all other Life Is Strange finales, it’s an emotional one. Hope you all enjoy. ======================================================== Check out these videos!!: Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Gameplays: Life Is Strange […]

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? [Life is Strange: Before The Storm][Episode 3][ENDING]

If you found out a dark secret about a good friend”s family member, would you tell them? What about if they were your lover? Do you think it’s any of your business? Think about these questions as you watch the video. Hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!! ======================================================== Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Playlist: ======================================================== […]