Star Trek Bridge Crew TNG DLC: “Fresh Out Of The Academy – Part III” With Nathie and VR Oasis

Captains log…. star date 47634.44. Today we are headed back out into the final frontier once again. Ensigns Nathie and VR Oasis are really taking to their new positions now and as such we have taken on a new crew member Ensign Jins77. Fresh off of a recent victory against the Romulan’s we have been […]

Taking A Trip Deeper Down The Dark And Twisted Rabbit Hole Of My Mind: Playing Transference In VR!

Today we are going to be taking a look at the recently released Transference. I tried to fire it up right after it was released but unfortunately ran into the dreaded Uplay log in bug. After an eternity on chat with Ubisoft support we got the issue resolved and I was finally able to play. […]

Star Trek Bridge Crew TNG DLC: “Fresh Out Of The Academy” With Nathie and VR Oasis

So as many of you know I am a huge Star Trek fan and one of my childhood dreams was to be on the bridge of the Enterprise. So obviously I was excited last year when Ubisoft launched Star Trek: Bridge Crew but was also disappointed when I found out that my favorite ship, the […]

How To Steal The Car (I Expect You To Die PSVR)

playing the first level of I expect you die in psvr. Playstation VR level 1 friendly skies in I expect you to die. how to steal the car.

How To Steal The Car (I Expect You To Die PSVR)

playing the first level of I expect you die in psvr. Playstation VR level 1 friendly skies in I expect you to die. how to steal the car.

Moss Is The Best 3rd Person Adventure Game In VR I Have Played Yet! First 20 Minutes of Game Play

Friday night I got a chance to sit down and play Moss and needless to say the rest of my weekend disappeared! I am absolutely loving everything about this game…. Polyarc has created a masterpiece title in VR with Moss! As described by the developers, Moss is a single-player action-adventure puzzle game and new IP […]

Downward Spiral: Horus Station Is A Great Atmospheric Zero G VR Experience!

Today I am taking a look at the recently released Scifi thriller Downward Spiral: Horus Station. This is the next release from 3rd Eye Studios following their previous title Downward Spiral: Prologue. As described by the developers, Downward Spiral: Horus Station takes players through a lost vessel abandoned by its crew with a complete focus […]

Farpoint #5 | Day 1530?!

How many days! Farpoint has gone somewhere I never expected it to go. Real lost in space vibes in this episode

Rick and Morty PSVR #2 | Best guns ever!

Finally a game has come along and given me guns for hands!

Farpoint #4 | This game just completely changed!

Don’t want to give anything in this description but Farpoint has just changed into a whole other type of game!

Rick and Morty PSVR #1 | This game is awesome!

Finally Rick and Morty came to PSVR and is easily one of the best experiences on the PSVR

Farpoint #3 | I found the big monster (PSVR Gameplay)

The monster that was screaming from the last episode. Well I unfortunately found it in this episode. I hope the scale in the video does it justice because when in the game this thing is the size of a 6 story building!

Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes VR Is A Movie Based Game That Is Actually Worth Playing!

So normally when I see a movie based game I almost always know it is going to be bad. There are a few exceptions of course and Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes VR is definitely one of them! This game is so cinematic and atmospheric that I truly lost myself in it at […]

Apex Construct Is A Cool VR Experience But Still A Bit Rough Around Some Edges

So today I am finally taking a look at the new futuristic action/adventure bow shooter from Fast Travel Games Apex Construct. I have to say that I was really hyped to play this one as it has a lot of the things I look for in a VR experience. I love it when a VR […]

Farpoint #2 | Something big is coming…. (PSVR Gameplay)

Second episode of Farpoint pits us in some sort of arena and really teases that there is something big coming!

Farpoint #1 | Wasnt expecting jump scares!

Episode 1 of the new PSVR series on the channel. Farpoint is the first game that was developed to use the PS aim controller and is a shooter set on a alien planet. Which never meant to me that there would be jump scares!

Arizona Sunshine #7 | Grand Finale! (PSVR gameplay) (PS aim controller)

So Arizona Sunshine comes to an end in this grand finale! Hope you’ve enjoyed the series. gonna run on poll as to what game you’d like to see next, vote by clicking the little “I” symbol in he top right hand corner of the video! Games in vote are below Apex Construct Bravo Team Farpoint

Arizona Sunshine #6 | Worst festival ever! (PSVR gameplay) (PS aim controller)

Episode 6 of Arizona Sunshine! We go to literally the worst festival in the history of festivals!

Arizona Sunshine #5 | The Refinery (PSVR Gameplay) (PS Aim Controller)

Episo5 of the Arizona Sunshine series. In this episode we push forward into the refinery and man it had some surprises in store for us! Plus one utterly amazing weapon. As the darkness at the start, I didn’t realise it wasn’t bright until I had rendered everything. I will try and brighten the next video […]

Apex Construct | First 30 minutes of gameplay (PSVR Gameplay)

Apex Construct just dropped today on the PSVR here’s the first 30 minutes of gameplay for anyone who isn’t sure or 100% sold on the game

VR Fitness Series Week 3 – Knockout League

Well we made it through week 2 and we are now into week 3 of the VR fitness series. Week 2 got a bit rough when life happened and we had one of the kids come down with the Flu and then of course there was Valentines day and the dreaded cupcake incident of which […]

Lunchtime with my Gear VR – In The Cloud: VR Afterlife

So I know it has been a while but I am back with a new Lunchtime with my Gear VR. A few months ago I had broken my phone screen and decided to shelve the series, but after grabbing the old Gear VR to watch a few things from the Winter Olympics coverage I realized […]

Defending Super Mega Mart Against Killer Fruit In Shooty Fruity (Oclus Rift + Touch Gameplay)

As most of you who watch my channel know I am not usually a fan of stationary wave shooters, but nDreams has finally created one I actually like with Shooty Fruity! This game is a blast to play and had me hooked after only a few levels. The fact that the player is tasked with […]

Raw Data PSVR #1 | This Games Insane! (PSVR Gameplay)

This is Raw Data on the PSVR and let me tell you this game is insane!

Standout VR Battle Royale Is The PUBG Of Virtual Reality And It Is Awesome To Play With Friends!

Over the weekend I had a blast playing some Standout VR Battle Royale with my good friends and fellow VRSpies members UKRifter, VRGamingEvolved and RealityCheckVR. Standout recently launched into early access on Steam and while it is definitely plagued with some typical EA bugs and crashes it is still a blast to play with friends. […]

3dRudder Unboxing, Full Setup And VR Testing With The Oculus Rift

Today I am taking my first look at the 3dRudder foot controller. The 3dRudder adds a new level of control by allowing the user to map inputs that can be accessed with their feet. The software suite also has several auto configurations for many of the games that are currently available and can also be […]