Dead Secret Circle – Part 3 – Oculus on the Go!

Part 3 of a full playthrough of the sequel to 2016’s Dead Secret which was my first game to beat in VR and part of my Top 5 games of 2017! Five years after the events of DEAD SECRET, a razor-wielding maniac with a penchant for circles is prowling the wintry streets of Chicago. Follow […]

Dead Secret Circle – Part 2 – Oculus on the Go!

Part 2 of a full playthrough of the sequel to 2016’s Dead Secret which was my first game to beat in VR and part of my Top 5 games of 2017! Five years after the events of DEAD SECRET, a razor-wielding maniac with a penchant for circles is prowling the wintry streets of Chicago. Follow […]

Dead Secret Circle – Part 1 – Oculus on the GO!

Part 1 of a full playthrough of the sequel to 2016’s Dead Secret which was my first game to beat in VR and part of my Top 5 games of 2017! Five years after the events of DEAD SECRET, a razor-wielding maniac with a penchant for circles is prowling the wintry streets of Chicago. Follow […]

Fruit Attacks VR Is A Fun Wave Based Arcade Style Shooter

The other day I was looking through some recent releases on Steam for something that I could kill some time with and also play with the kids when Fruit Attacks VR caught my eye. Overall the game is an arcade style shooter that pits the player against waves of incoming extraterrestrial fruit. Fruit Attacks VR […]

VR Fitness Series Week 7 – GORN

So here we are in week 7 of the VR fitness series and after a much needed family vacation we are both refreshed and ready to get back on track. We had a great time on our week off, but with a family vacation comes a lot of unhealthy eating and no chance to work […]

What to Buy With Your $15 Oculus Credit!

Due to the Oculus Rift outage on March 7, 2018, Oculus has provided all recent Rift users with a $15 credit to the Oculus store. But what should you use your credit on? Super Villain Gaming, with the help of our friends, SadGamerDad and JustJohn, has provided a list of what we think, the best […]

VR Fitness Series Week 5 – Sparc

So here we are at the one month mark in our journey into the world of VR fitness and I have to say we are both impressed with our results so far. In the past 4 weeks of doing this I am happy to say I have lost 18lbs and Stacey has lost 6lbs. Honestly […]

Into the Rhythm Is Like Guitar Hero in VR… But With Drums!

So what can I say about Into The Rhythm… Well it is Guitar Hero but with drums and damn is it hard! I decided to check it out and I can see that it would be cool for fans of Rhythm games, but I had a hard time keeping up with the beats. At one […]

Tank Commander – This might be your gateway to other tank or war sims

I’m a tank, I’m a tank. Tanks are great whether it’s our friend in an MMO or when we’re eating too much. But this kind of tank is made for war on the battlefield. Today I look at a mobile port of Tank Commander for the Oculus Rift. Developer Mojo Games has crammed a lot […]

Behind The Screens – Kiss Or Kill – Show Highlights

RSVP for my next show Today! – Featuring Special Guests Cas & Chary: Behind The Screens – Show Highlights from Kiss Or Kill – VR Trivia Royale (2 Rounds) and SadGamerDad vs JustJohn 1v1. Show recap from 2-25-2018

VR Fitness Series Week 4 – Holopoint

So here we are starting week 4 of the VR Fitness Series and I’m glad week 3 is in the books. I ended up getting the Flu and could only work out 2 days this week because of it. I am proud of Stacey though as she really embraced Knockout League and actually grew to […]

The Old West is Fun in VR! – Hopalong – The Badlands – Part 1: The Boomity Gang!

The Badlands has a new Sheriff in town and his name is SadGamerDad. Strap in for a rootin tootin Yosemite Sam adventure against the evil Boomity Gang. In part 1 I encounter these boys and try to find the stars left behind from past Sheriffs may they RIP. Part 2 will see me explore the […]

VR Fitness Series Week 3 – Knockout League

Well we made it through week 2 and we are now into week 3 of the VR fitness series. Week 2 got a bit rough when life happened and we had one of the kids come down with the Flu and then of course there was Valentines day and the dreaded cupcake incident of which […]

A look at Light Tracer – A family friendly VR Platformer

Shout out to my Altspace friend and fellow show host Vivian in this one. For those of you looking for games with cute characters and family appeal look no further than this surprise gem from Publisher Oasis Games. In it you use full control of VR touch interfaces with 6DOF to guide a lost princess […]

Can We Talk About This? – Standout VR Battle Royale

***This is the first game in two comparison videos. Next up will be the BAM Royale mode of Bullets & More*** Standout VR Battle Royale is the first PUBG VR clone game. It’s in early access on Steam. This may be the closest we get to this type of game in VR so keep an […]


Holy cuteness Batman! – Tonight I take a look at a fun, physics puzzle game the family can compete at. If you like them angry birdies type games you’ll love the challenge this presents all in glorious VR with the help of the Unreal engine. Let’s get to flinging some critters kiddos! – SGD For […]

VR Fitness Series Week 2 – Racket: NX

So here we are in week 2 of the fitness series and I won’t lie… the first few days of week one were a bit rough. We stuck with it though and by the end of the week we were both feeling good about our progress. I can definitely say that playing BoxVR every day […]

VR Fitness Series Week 1 – BoxVR

So today I am starting a new weekly fitness series using VR with my wife Stacey on the channel. We have both decided enough is enough and we want to loose weight and get fit, but the problem is we have no time in our busy lives to go to the gym and working out. […]


Today I’m starting a new series and going back to my childhood, baby-hood to be exact! All with the help of Baby Hands from Austin, TX based Chicken Waffles. Watch as I delight in the freedom of exploration and play all without the cost of regressive hypnotherapy…Yay Kiddos! – SGD For more information on this […]

Shooting My Way Through A Procedurally Generated VR Afterlife Playing In Death

Today I am taking a look at the new bow shooter from Sólfar Studios, “In Death”. This is quite a different experience from Sólfar’s previous virtual tourism title Everest VR. As it is described on the games launch page, In Death lets you Battle through procedurally generated levels and dungeons in intense ranged combat coupled […]

BadGamerDad Presents… SGD Cooking All Sexy Like in The Cooking Game VR

Hey there baby, it’s BadGamerDad taking over the channel. Time to put my boy SGD into some let’s say, precarious situations. Aww yeah, this could get steamy baby. – BGD For more information on this game visit: -Oculus: Join SadGamerDad’s Discord community below! SadGamerDad Discord – If you enjoyed this video click the […]

The First Class VR Is An Awesome Look At The History Of Flight

Today I am taking a look at The First Class VR. As an aviation enthusiast I have to say this was a really cool look at the history of manned flight all the way from its beginnings to our possible future in space. Overall The First Class is a relatively short experience clocking in at […]

VRGD The Next Generation – The VRKids Take Over The Channel And Play Airtone VR

So today my kids decided to take over my channel and play their new favorite game in VR Airtone. I have to say I was really impressed with how well they did at this game because honestly I am so bad at it! All I can say is that they must get their sense of […]

World Apart – Trailer, Steam Early Access / Tech Demo

Tonight I take a look at a Early Access / Tech Demo of World Apart from Windfall Studios. This will be a 6 episode story with 30 minute episodes due in early 2018. Each World Apart episode will deliver new worlds to explore, each with it’s own unique story and interactable environment. Delve deep into […]

VR Hoverbike wave shooter Ground Runner:Trials feels like Tutorials with Errands

After doing Behind the Screens featuring Neon Seoul: Outrun I saw this VR Hoverbike game featuring simultaneous shooting. From the screens I expected full out mad max battles with NPC trying to take my Virtual knoggin off. What I got was 5 levels of tutorials explaining how to use functions of the bike that could […]

Defending Super Mega Mart Against Killer Fruit In Shooty Fruity (Oclus Rift + Touch Gameplay)

As most of you who watch my channel know I am not usually a fan of stationary wave shooters, but nDreams has finally created one I actually like with Shooty Fruity! This game is a blast to play and had me hooked after only a few levels. The fact that the player is tasked with […]

Protect my ass before we roast a tree and salt the old raisin ewe swine. TLHK: An Orbus VR Tale

Here Ye Here ye young Kiddos, gather round and listen to this lesson learned at the blood of others. Pay close attention to the words that are spoken for they are like a flaming arrow that will burn the hearts of your foes. SadGamerDad Presents: The Long Hard Knight: An Orbus VR Cautionary Tale also […]