What’s sup guys! I got some more gameplay coming from my bro with some of the most amazing wins he was able to pull off this week! if you enjoyed the video remember to hit the like button and consider subscribing if you want to see content like this every week! _____________________________________ My channel is […]

Stealth like a ninja! Let’s Play – Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Hey guys! as of lately I’ve been playing Deus Ex, and though (as i mentioned before) there’s a lot of dialogue. it’s an excellent rpg with a variety of ways to complete your objective! Mission: The Rucker Extraction (Part 1 of 3) there will be no commentary in this video because i was having so […]

TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ – Call of Duty : WWII Montage!

what’s sup guys!? this is just a quick gameplay montage with the M-38 sub machine gun. all in all it’s a good weapon, and it could help dominate enemies in the right hands. ( clearly it’s in my left hands if you know what i mean…no? then i’ll just go screw myself!) me personally I […]

COME AND GIVE GRANDMA A KISS! Call of Duty: WWII – Nazi Zombies

Yo when i’m playing with these guys, it really is be hard to focus lol! this is my first time playing the new dlc map (The Darkest Shore). and my boy liljokerjack was showing me an Carter242 how to do the Easter egg! if you enjoy the video drop a LIKE! and if you wanna […]


This week was the start of the St Patrick’s Day event, and with that came a lot of new weapons like the new sub-machine gun and a new light machine gun. plus to top it off we got key chains added to the game!!! so you know ya boy noob gotta grind to get those! […]

Let’s Play – Bloodborne:Noob Wins…Fatality!! (Part 2)

WARNING: this gameplay was conducted by a complete noob who has never played a souls game; you have been warned! Yes! after many trials and tribulations I’m starting to actually enjoy playing this game! and that rewarding feeling after beating a boss is incredible,it’s like being the last man standing on the team and you […]

Let’s Play – Bloodbourne :Noob Style! (Part 1)

WARNING: this gameplay was conducted by a complete noob who has never played a souls game; you have been warned! what’s sup guys!? i wanted to play a new game, and this month with the playstation plus free games we got Bloodborne. so i decided why not post some gameplay of me trying to figure […]