Stardew Valley Multiplayer – The Sleepover

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Winning EVERY Round!! – The Bridge [3]

Winning EVERY Round!! – The Bridge [3] Hello and welcome to my series on The Bridge. The Bridge is a simple minigame where 2 or more players fight for points on a 1 wide bridge to win. I will be playing in teams of 3; teams start with 2 lives. If you lose all 2 […]

Left 4 Dead 2 – Fun Time – Part 1

Me Luke,Cat and Bryan are playing some Left 4 Dead 2 and we are joking around trying to beat this map, Like comment and Subscribe for more Left 4 Dead 2 Follow Me On Social Media Twitter: Instagram: gaming,walkthrough,playthrough,juiceb0x97,juice_b0x97,juice 0x97,deontay,lets play,let’s play,gameplay,left 4 dead 2,left 4 dead 2 (video game),left for dead,video game […]

*NEW* Legendary Skin Gameplay! Road to 350 Subs! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Fortnite Montage – Stressed Out | Gun Sync

Fortnite Montage – Stressed Out. A more serious approach this time around. This took a lot less time to make then the meme montage because I needed a video out before I went on holiday. I tried out gun syncing this time around. If you liked make sure to subscribe, i try to make new […]

How 2 Play Fortnut – Meme Montage

Fortnite Meme Montage, Not for weak eyes. I spent around 10 hours editing this, I put a lot of effort into it. If you liked the video and want more make sure to let me know by liking the video or commenting. I could also do with some feedback so I know what to improve […]

Don’t Nerf Lion! – Rainbow Six Siege

Dear Ubisoft, Lion is just fine where he’s at, Thanks 🙂 -love Siege Community. Leave a Like! Song: DIIcXFaCe Want to join the action? PSN: QuickReactz28

TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ – Call of Duty : WWII Montage!

what’s sup guys!? this is just a quick gameplay montage with the M-38 sub machine gun. all in all it’s a good weapon, and it could help dominate enemies in the right hands. ( clearly it’s in my left hands if you know what i mean…no? then i’ll just go screw myself!) me personally I […]

The Invisible Man! – Rainbow Six Siege

The invisible man glitch! w/ tutorial. Valk + Tachanka bait traps. Lion Gameplay! Leave a like and a comment! Song: Tobu – Candyland [NCS Release]

Don’t Spawn Peek Me! – Rainbow Six Siege

Don’t Spawn peek a me! + some Glaz gameplay Operation Chimera —————————— Music provided by Rujay. Instrumental: “First Shot” by Ihaksi. Channel:

Deagle Pistol Challenge – Rainbow Six Siege

Some clips of some one Deags, and other crazy things that happened lately on siege. Check out my playlist for my other Siege videos. Song: The Simplest – Jingle Punks

Dokka-Bae! – Rainbow Six Siege

Finally got Dokkaebi and boy is she a fun operator!

Boring guy plays BioShock 1 P.4

in this uncut series we are going to take on the city of rapture and find the secrets it holds with in. These videos are meant for mature audiences only but thanks for watching the video leave a like if you enjoyed it, Also subscribe if you are new check out my sponsors here: patreon: […]

Big Shaq – Rainbow Six Siege

Another highlight clip, featuring some Castle, Caveira, Ash and Valk! Hope you enjoy! Song: Mans not hot instrumental

Gimme Shelter From This Shit (Official Music Video)

A satirical and humorous look at the state of the gaming industry today and some of the games produced… Thanks to these two channels for some of the content in this video: Worth A Buy: boogie2988: Please note that due to Copyright on ‘Gimme Shelter’ by The Rolling Stones, this video is only […]

I Put Wii Channel Music Over Rainbow Six Siege

This funny satirical Video shows off some of the things wrong with the Community in Rainbow Six Siege that make me and other players dislike the experience! Also, I include a few fails of mine and my mates throughout our time playing… Links ✓ Discord: Twitter: Instagram: Reddit: Editing Software I […]

R6 Siege – Pumped Up Pulse

Pulse. The king of area contested. when u bring ur M1014 to school show & tell Links ✓ Discord: Twitter: Instagram: Reddit: Editing Software I Use: Songs Used: Pumped up Kicks (Bridge and Law Remix): Yapper.

R6 Siege – Jackal All Over Me

video dedicated to my mate Jack that’s ya boy Jack in the thumbynail Jack’s Gamertag: JackalOverMe Other mate in the Video: gunstar05 ——————————————— If you’re interested in Halo check out my mate’s Xbox Club: Halo 2A Customs Club His Xbox Gamertag is: OKzombieCUPCAKE Add him on Xbox and he’ll be down to play online, custom […]

Mac Daddy Pimpin – Rainbow Six Siege

If you enjoyed this video, check out my Rainbow six siege playlist!

BATTLEFIELD 1 Highlights

These are some old clips I had fromBattlefield 1. The game is beautiful but I don’t have it anymore. Follow me on Twitter: Tweets by APEXxLION

Rocketman! :: Battlefield 4 (Part2)

Part Two! of my short, but super fun to make, rocket montage in Battlefield 4. Hope you enjoy! Follow mean Twitter: Tweets by APEXxLION

PASSCHENDAELE – Battlefield 1 [Cinematic]

One of the most detailed and beautiest map of Battlefield 1 at the moment; Passchendaele. Dice created something great with this map. Enjoy the cinematic! Make sure you’ve smashed the LIKE button if you enjoyed this video! ====================================== ► SUBSCRIBE: ====================================== Connect with me on other social sites: ► Twitter: ► Facebook: […]

Payday 2 Joketard – Do you do this?

Payday 2 gameplay with friends. Just having fun together.

Legendary Hunting Highlights Part 1!

Legendary Hunting Highlights Part 1! All Legendaries form our last live stream! Help Me Out With A Small Donation: Join my Discord Server: Subscribe to me: Follow me on Twitter Tweets by Kaiser_Spass ******************************************************************** Music from Jukedeck – create your own at ******************************************************************** Want to Play along buy the game on […]

Our First Funny Raiding Moments 2018 – World of Warcraft

Our first short and hopefully funny montage of us raiding with our guild, Indomitable. I was healing on an alt and don’t think I could have been more carried. Most likely last time I will be healing that is for sure. xD Here are just some funny moments that we would like to share with […]