Shadow of War gameplay: Talion vs Graug

Shadow of War continues the narrative from Shadow of Mordor, following Talion who is still infused with the spirit of the elf lord Celebrimbor. Talion and Celebrimbor travel to Mt. Doom, where they forge a new Ring of Power free of Sauron’s corruption. However, once the Ring is complete, Celebrimbor is abducted and held hostage […]

Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow – Walkthrough Part 1 – Stage 1: City, Enemy Territory

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Sonic Forces – Walkthrough Part 1 – Stage 1: Green Hill, Lost Valley & Avatar Creation

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Rocketman! :: Battlefield 4 (Part1)

A couple minutes of lovely rocket propelled greatness, in Battlefield 4. Part 2 coming soon! Follow me on Twitter: Tweets by APEXxLION

OMG!! How Did I Do That!!?

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