THE AIR ITSELF IS BURNING | Breath of the Wild: Part 49

Today we are finally making the journey to where the final divine beast is. First we activate the final tower in the game. On the way to Goron City, it becomes so hot from the volcano that the air itself is burning. We get some fireproof elixirs to remedy that. We also do a shrine […]

PLN – Legend of Zelda ep. 4 Okay Google, Lost Woods pattern!

In this video Kaspuh rafts over to Castle/dungeon/level 4 and clears it for a new item (Hint, it rhymes with bladder…) Then we head to the overworld to collect more goodies and get lost in the lost woods. hm…

PLN – Legend of Zelda ep. 3 It’s a Two fer!

Kaspuh traverses castle-level-temple 2 and 3 in this exciting third episode of Played Like New!