GTA Online | Salvaging the Hard Drives

Now we gotta get the hard drives back! Best Gta vehicle ever!

State Of Decay 2 | Co-Op #5 w/ Alan

Episode 5 of Alan and mine playthrough of State Of Decay 2 Co-Op

State Of Decay 2 | Co-Op #4 w/ Alan

Episode 4 of Alan and mine playthrough of State of Decay 2 Co-Op!

GTA Online | Rescuing Agent ULP

As it says in the title we need to rescue agent ULP

State Of Decay 2 | Co-Op #3 w/ Alan

Episode 3 of Alan and mine co-op playthrough of State of Decay 2

State Of Decay 2 | Co-op # 2 w/ Alan | We’ve got a base!

Episode 2 of the State Of Decay 2 co-op playthrough with Alan. We got a base but its time to supply it!

State Of Decay 2 | Co-op #1 w/ Alan

Welcome to State of Decay 2! Me and Alan decided we are going to try and play this game co-op all the way through…As long as we can schedule together anyways

Farpoint #5 | Day 1530?!

How many days! Farpoint has gone somewhere I never expected it to go. Real lost in space vibes in this episode

GTA Online | Stealing the avenger

Its time to steal the avenger and dam this mission is hard af!

Fortnite Funny Moments | Deep thoughts with Alan

Fortnite gets really deep when playing with Alan. Answering all the questions and debates on how things should be and what’s wrong with this world!

GTA Online | Deluxo Madness

As usual in GTA Online madness is always going to be a thing and when you add Deluxos to the mix it gets even worse!

Dying Light Co-Op #4 | Are we the bad guy now?

So in this episode we are tasked with obtaining antizin to help the infected victims back at the tower until the GRE puts a massive twist in the works

GTA Online | Doomsday is upon us!

So me and my friends have decided that we want to be the ones who save the world!

Dying Light Co-Op #3 | This guy really loves his mom!

Episode 3 of our Dying Light Co-Op playthrough. It has now become a three man playthrough with Blitz joining us, and who could blame him. This game is awesome!

Rick and Morty PSVR #1 | This game is awesome!

Finally Rick and Morty came to PSVR and is easily one of the best experiences on the PSVR

Dying Light Co-Op #2 | How do you kill this guy?!

Episode 2 of the co-op series on Dying Light!

Sea of Thieves #5 | Chasing bounties!

In this episode of Sea of Thieves we start chasing bounties! A different style of quest than the norm. In these quests you have to sail to a specific island in search of skeleton captains and claim their skulls

Farpoint #3 | I found the big monster (PSVR Gameplay)

The monster that was screaming from the last episode. Well I unfortunately found it in this episode. I hope the scale in the video does it justice because when in the game this thing is the size of a 6 story building!

Dying Light Co-Op #1 | This game is gonna be amazing!

first episode of the co-op playthrough of Dying Light with Luce Stockdale. Hope you enjoy!

Subnautica #9 | Getting the Prawn Suit

IN this episode we concentrate on getting the prawn suit and preparing ourselves to starting heading deep down below the surface

Sea of Thieves #4 | Best Sloop Crew

We are the best sloop crew around in Sea of Thieves (Self proclaimed) Episode 4 is a continuation of my adventures with Mr McFrag

Farpoint #2 | Something big is coming…. (PSVR Gameplay)

Second episode of Farpoint pits us in some sort of arena and really teases that there is something big coming!

Sea of Thieves #3 | Best crewmate ever!

I found myself a crewmate, who showed me how much of a noob I was!

Subnautica #8 | Crab Squids are scary!

Got loads done in this episode by I really didn’t expect crab squids to be soo scary! I love the sounds they make but dam they inflict major terror

Let’s play series! Uncharted 4 #15 | Grand Finale

This episode of Uncharted 4 brings the grand finale to what has been an amazing game! Really enjoyed the story and the action this Uncharted brought to the table

Sea of Thieves | Solo Adventures #1 | My first voyage

Solo adventures in sea of thieves. Embarking on my very first voyage and I have to say this game is amazingly pretty!