Street Fighter V Twitch Stream – Ryu goes bananas in a Ranked Match

I talk about why I upload gameplay videos and why YouTube is important to me. Ranked Match The Dictator vs Ryu at Laura’s Stage in Brazil. Don’t Forget to Like and leave a comment. I competed in competitive martial arts in the past and now I’m taking my competitive edge to online ranked matches in […]

SANTA CAN IT BE THE WAIFU!? | Adolescent Santa|| Letsplay/walkthrough

So… what did I play you ask? well lets say the title gave it away what kind of gameplay this will be..interesting, Adolescent Santa a Visual Novel, as we embrace our dreams and hope! there is an amazing message in this game as well and had your boy almost tearing up! hope you all enjoy, […]

A New Gaming Community – No Harm Gaming – Become a Streamer and Earn

Welcome to No Harm Gaming! Our first upload!! Interested in becoming a member of the community or in becoming a streamer? Go to today to sign up and start sharing! This is a no judgement zone and everyone is welcome. Don’t be shy and afraid to join a community. It can be very beneficial. […]

SAVE AND EMBRACE YOUR WAIFU!! || BIRDCAKES || Letsplay/walkthrough

THANKS SHERBERT for making this game possible! Welcome to Birdcakes a game where you are fighting not only for your survival, but the SURVIVAL of your WAIFU FOR LAIFU, different waves and hordes of enemies fight you for her! do you have the guts, and ability to prove you are her only and savior Husbando!?! […]

DID WE MOVE INTO AN ASYLUM!? ||Indagar|| Letsplay/walkthrough Full + ending

So apparently I didn’t read the fine print when I moved into a place! my daughters missing, and apparently my wife dislikes me?…wait after reading some letters…seems as though I am wrong the letters are not directed towards me..they seem to be directed to someone else..who stays there.. maybe? hmm? find out with your boy […]

THIS GAME MESSES UP MY BRAIN! | Captive Audience | Letsplay/walkthrough

So I handpicked a rare game, was pretty fun and makes you think scares to me all heck! and I cannot even fathom what was going on in it, but by all means you guys can try as well links below also shh discord is too! come hang out and have a good time with […]

🔴 LETS INK SOME MORE AND MORE! || Splatoon 2|| Letsplay/walkthrough LIVE [Road to 1000 subs]

Support the stream: Playing some splatoon and chillin yall! we gonna hang out, lets ink some folk and have a great time! hope yall having a wonderful afternoon/evening, make sure yall hit that like, share and sub to the chan chan if you new!!


This video was not meant to offend anyone hope it doesn’t just had a few points to make, and I feel like I hit them! also hope i answered all questions about uploads! Love yall and dont forget to join the menagerie! also hit that like and sub if you new to the chan chan! […]

🔴 ITS MY BIRTHDAY YALL!! WE IN THERE! || CELESTE|| Letsplay/walkthrough |LIVE| ROAD TO 1000 SUBS!

Support the stream: We in here boys and gals, join me on my birthday, we playing some Celeste, gonna get some hard beats as well as get some crazy rage, this game was the poll winner, crash and it came pretty close haha, but THIS GAME WON you sadistic bunch just wanna see me […]

🔴 I AM LOVING THIS DUDE -Pause-? || The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit|| LIVE Letsplay

Support the stream: SLATE but we in there boys and gals we playing some The Awesome Adventures of Captain spirit! I always loved Life is Strange so this game, being a spin off seems like it would be promising, as we wait for Life is Strange 2! I hope you guys enjoy, dont forget […]

WE BEAT CRASH 2 LIVE!! |Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy| LIVE Letsplay

Support the stream: So we got far last stream OF THIS GAME I think we about to beat crash 2, why not do it on stream, thanks for watching and stopping by aint the switch version BUT I already have the PS4 version so why get that ;D

THE RE-LINKLING! | Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition | Part: 10

Subscribe here for more: It’s time to take a break from the main story to reunite with everyone’s favorite cute, clueless hero! Follow me on: -Facebook: -Twitter: -Tumblr: -Become a Patron: Gameplay, Playthrough, Gaming, Lets Play, Steam, PC, PC Gaming, XBox One, Playstation 4, PS4, XB1, Nintendo Switch, Gaming Channel, […]

MIGHT AS WELL CALL ME CTHULU!? | Godly Corp|| Letsplay/walkthrough

Shout out to TR8 Torus Studios for sending me the email! This game is so random and fun though, the controls are wonky in a good way, like most simulations it stimulates rage, I did get to two out of 3 of the stages Ill leave links down below if you guys wish to beat […]


Been a while, PAPERGUY IS BACK YALL! I played this game in the past was a fun experience was very short, but had a blast, this time we get into the nitty gritty, its a lot more detailed than the last time, more commands, and actual NPC interaction, we see a dog, visit a fisherman, […]

A STEP IN ABBY’S WORLD!! | Heart of The Wood| |Ending/walkthroughletsplay|

What a great way to close this game, although its not over! nope its a demo so Im hoping we get more! such an amazing game and I am honestly impressed, such great dialougue and character development makes me really happy to have played it, and cant wait for the full game to drop! You […]

FROM SQUID TO OCTOLING! | Splatoon 2: Octoling expansion| Blind Letsplay/walkthrough|

Support the stream: We in there! in case yall didnt know Splatoon is one of my favorite titles on the nintendo switch right now! I do enjoy inking others, and now I can do it as a Octoling, Plus new Expansion! LETS DO IT!

Impossible Try not to laugh challenge! | Amazon Echo: Youtubers EDITION|

Not sponsored either! So we doing something a little strange, SYPHON a react video!? yes I am reacting to a couple youtubers videos -can find them in the description! but yeah so I was like what is an amazon echo and I was curious looked it up, then I found all these other videos and […]

WHAT THE HECK AM I PLAYIN.. | Sonic Suggests| Letsplay/Walkthrough

So we are at it again a random indie game found on itchio! Oh no! Evil Dr.Eegman is back with his new genious plan! He teleported Modern Sanic to “Classic Sanic’s” dimension, and now only you can help him to return back. Find a way to fight back to Dr.Eegman, and return to your own […]

YOU’D THINK I’D LEARN BY NOW.. | The Lunatic| Letsplay/walkthrough

Found a new indie game to delve in, Justin Simmonds wakes up on the floor in an old rehabilitation isolated room. He can’t remember what happened or how he got there. All he knows is that he is currently being treated for the apparitions he’s been seeing and Doctor Theodore Mason has offered him a […]

MUSIC DROPS AND SO DOES MY LIFE! | Die Zombie Die| letsplay/walkthrough

An indie game suggested by a creator, and a good friend Shweebe AKA Sherbert! she knows how weak I get with GOOD ass music, I hope yall enjoy, feel free to check this out, show the devs some love and support! was fun and can get addictive so you been warned! Play the game: […]


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WHO WILL WE BECOME | Detroit: Become Human #1

Finally it’s out! Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if it had androids? Turn on your notifications so you can know when the 2nd episode is uploaded! SUBSCRIBE ♥… Like Me on Facebook ♥… Follow My Instagram ♥ Follow Me on Twitter ♥

HOW TO CATER TO YOUR GHOST 101! | Heart Of The Wood| Letsplay/walkthrough #2

My apologies if you guys find the video a bit wonky with greenscreen or certain edits! am adjusting to a whole new editing program! thanks for the support ofc any feedback will be cool too I use Vegas Pro now! More Heart of The Wood time, we are now delving into an even deeper into […]

WE ARE IN THERE BOYZ! | Senran Kagura: Shinobi Refle | LIVE

So we take a trip in the Jp realm, relflection and interaction with our favorite character from the Senran Kagura series Asuka! as we are to translate and help her do whatever she wants to get done 😀

I MIGHT NOT LIVE THROUGH THIS ONE |Outlast 2|| Letsplay/walkthrough ||LIVE|

Highly requested game, you all know who you are, to see me get tormented by scary reactions and jumpscares.. we are reporters and we have to get the STORY! by any means!