• Small fragtage of Junkrat before pre mercy/junkrat patches hopefully you guys enjoy like , comment and subscribe for the sad junkrat mains out there ;( by all means im not that good with junkrat just small clips i […]

  • New Year New Change out with the old Dva setup Hello to the new Razer setup much more to come. if you liked the video make sure to leave a like comment and subscribe really does help out the channel more videos […]

  • Retropalooza 2017 was held in Arlington , Texas I attend with some of my friends I had a blast so here’s a after movie of it. Remember to leave a like comment , and subscribe it really does help out the channel.

  • Hey guys today we will be unboxing the Dva Statue we just got in the mail hopefully you enjoy the video remember to leave a like , comment , and subscribe it really helps out the channel. Sorry about the pc in the […]

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  • Hey guys senpai here bringing you a special video i’ve been working on a project on overwatch for awhile and i finally decided to upload it for you guys. I did everything on this pc by myself from the painting , […]