Solo Exotic Farm - Best Ways to Get Exotics as a Solo Player

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Daryl Wong
Exotic weapons and armor are the most important items in Destiny 2. The game doesn't make many of the sources of exotics clear so that's why I've compiled all of the best ways to get exotics for solo players. In this video I showcase how to get guaranteed exotics and how to farm for exotic armor fast as a solo player. Using these methods, you can get exotics in only a few minutes. #Marshix #Destiny2 #Solo šŸ”” Subscribe with notifications! Solo Enhancement Core Farm ā–¶ BEST SOLO XP FARM - 1 Million XP Per Hour ā–¶ Fast Vanguard Rank Solo ā–¶ Solo Bright Dust Farm ā–¶ Reddit post mentioned in the video ā–¶
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