The Switch Pro Is REAL! - [Here's The Proof]

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2020-08-28 submitted by
Daryl Wong
We've looked at all the evidence, all the rumours and reports, and everything we know about the Switch Pro and come to the conclusion that the Nintendo Switch Pro will launch in 2021. Here's all the sources referenced in the video: WSJ 2018 report: Reggie on Switch Pro: WSJ "Two New Switch Models" Doug Bowser on Switch Pro: Sharp quote on IGZO display: Switch Pro in 2021: Switch Firmware Update Datamine: Custom Volta Chip Rumour: Differences Between Switch Chips: Switch FCC Filing: #SwitchPro #NintendoSwitch -------------------------------------------------------- ▶For the latest Nintendo news, reviews, features and more, check out the website: ▶Come join the Village in our community Discord: ▶Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates: #NintendoVillage
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