LOTRO (2022) | 4K 60FPS | Cinematic & Gameplay Trailer

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2022-08-04 submitted by
Daryl Wong
This includes the original Cinematic Intro Trailer from 2007 with updated visuals as well as 2022 4k 60 fps Gameplay. This game may be 15 years old but the world building and design is still pretty amazing. Best experienced on a 4K screen. Timecodes 0:00 - Original LOTRO Cinematic Intro Trailer - 4K 60fps 1:58 - Gameplay Trailer - Far Ahead the Road Has Gone | By Chance Thomas 4:16 - Silent Hope | By Chance Thomas 5:55 - Lament for Oakenshield | By Chance Thomas 6:55 - Vale of Imladris | By Chance Thomas 7:20 - Thing to Come | By Chance Thomas 8:10 - Red Stones and Golden Leaves | By Chance Thomas 8:49 - The Valor of Men Suite | By Chance Thomas 9:14 - The House of Tom Bombadil | By Chance Thomas 10:48 - Hills of the Shire | By Chance Thomas All gameplay footage is done by myself on (EN). The soundtracks are made by Chance Thomas. Where Beta?
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