THE CUTEST BRAIN EATER! | Matter Over Mind (Dread X Collection 3)

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2020-10-26 submitted by
Flamez Plays
So maybe this living glob of hair gel accidently ruins a few scientists brains while trying to escape from a laboratory, I think the amount of times I had to replace this game really makes up for the lives lost. ► Support the Channel via Patreon: ► Become a Channel Member at ► Buy a Flamez Plays Mug or Shirt: ► Join the Flamez Plays Discord: ► Follow me on Twitter: ► Follow me on Instagram: ► Check Out The Playlist: Get the Dread X Collection 3 at #letsplay #gaming #horrorgames #scary #games About Matter Over Mind ==================== The hair product corporation Excès de Confiance has developed the latest and greatest in hair conditioners, Formula 500. Unfortunately due to a key active ingredient being a strange DNA sample harvested deep in the Marianas Trench, Formula 500 is capable of intelligent thought. Unknowing of the danger they are in, the scientists continue to experiment but Formula 500 is waiting for it’s time to strike. A reverse horror about a coconut-and-vanilla-scented blob escaping its containment and hijacking the minds of its prey. An isometric adventure action/adventure game.
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