Make Minecraft look like the trailer

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2022-02-10 submitted by
Daryl Wong
You watched the Minecraft trailers and bought the game BUT when you open it, you feel disappointed because it looks completely different. NOT ANY MORE! In this video, we are transforming minecraft java edition to look and feel like the Official Minecraft Trailers using mods and resource packs (links below). This video was made with Fabric for 1.18.1 but the modpack has been updated to be 1.18.2. 0:00 - How to make Minecraft look like the trailer 0:31 - Bare Bones Resource Pack 0:43 - Optifine + BSL Shaders 1:11 - The perfect shader settings 3:53 - Another Bare Bones PBR 4:04 - Fresh Animations 4:24 - Effective (Minecraft Water Effects) 4:38 - Not enough animations 4:54 - Visuality (Particle Effects) 5:06 - Eating Animations 5:26 - Train Guys Animation Overhaul/ Moonflower 5:58 - Gameplay Footage Bare Bones: ABBPBR: Optifine: BSL Shaders: Fresh Animations: Bare Bones X Fresh Animations: Not Enough Animations: Effective: Visuality: Eating Animations: Train Guys Animation Overhaul: [UPDATE] The creator has suspended downloads until further notice. Please be patient. Modpack via CurseForge: Shader Settings File Download: Seed: 8830275468180659858 All music by me. Find it here Links: Patreon: Instagram: Discord: #minecraft #tutorial #showcase
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