Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - 25 mins of new Gameplay (Demo)

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2022-09-06 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Asterigos Curse of the Stars - 25 mins of new Gameplay (Demo) Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with some new gameplay of Asterigos Curse of the Stars. The demo is live on steam and allows you to play around 20-30 mins. The boss in the end can be beaten but whether you beat him or not, the demo ends. The game is an ARPG similar to combat style of souls but has seems to be more story involved. The demo was played on a PC RTX 3090, but I wasn't able to play it at 4K. The resolution setting wasn't going higher than 1440p. Enjoy the video! Asterigos Curse of the Stars Full Game launches October 11th 2022, so expect a Asterigos Curse of the Stars walkthrough series featuring all levels, as well as all bosses, Ending, and Final Boss! Asterigos Curse of the Stars gameplay at launch will be covered from the PC or PS5 version! ►Like and share the video to help the channel out! Comment below on what you think about the game. And subscribe for more gaming content - ►Join this channel to get access to perks -​ ►Streamlabs Donations, Tips, etc -​ ►Discord: The Hunter's Dream -​ ►Twitter: @raijumc -​ ►NOTE - Outro Music credit goes to my friends Black Creek Reign: Twitter -​ Spotify -​... FB - Website -
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