GEN vs. SEN — VCT Masters Madrid — Grand Final

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2024-03-24 submitted by
Daryl Wong
The matches are set for the first global VALORANT Champions Tour event of 2024. From March 14 - 24, the top 8 teams from around the world will compete in Madrid, Spain for the title of Masters Madrid Champion. Take a look below for more information on the participating teams, format, brackets and schedule. Masters Madrid will be split into two parts - the all new Swiss Stage and the Bracket Stage. Catch live matches during Masters Madrid to earn exclusive Drops! Drops for Masters Madrid include a Title and Playercard. We’re proud to work with our fantastic partners throughout 2024: Aim Lab, AWS, HyperX, Mastercard, OMEN, Red Bull, Secretlab, and Verizon. Make sure to follow the official VALORANT Esports social channels for additional information about Masters Madrid: Twitter: @valorantesports Facebook: /valorantesports Instagram: @valorantesports Photos from the Event: Official VALORANT Esports News: Web: VCT #VALORANTMasters
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