The Biggest Project in the History of the City | Cities Skylines 2

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2023-11-12 submitted by
Daryl Wong
We're continuing the expansion of our sort of realistic North American-themed city Riverview and its metropolitan area, by developing a truly massive cargo port / industrial harbor just north of the city, adding in extensive docks, lots of piers, TWO container cargo terminals, a railyard, a cargo rail terminal, complex highway infrastructure and interchanges, lots of railways and much more! Enjoy! Patreon with Ad-Free Early-Access to new uploads when possible other goodies! - All my Cities: Skylines Series playlists: Cities Skylines 2 Realistic North American City - Riverview: American Realistic County - Dakota Falls: Crystal Reef County: Coniferia: The American Dream: Project JAPAN: Building a realistic European/UK city (really old series!): If you want to buy Cities: Skylines 2, Cities: Skylines or any of its DLC and support me at the same time, you can do so at Map; - Mountain Village Settings; - Everything is set to high except Level of Detail which is set to Low, 1440p resolution. Hardware specs; - 3080, 32 GB ram, I5-12600KF. Music; #citiesskylines #citiesskylines2
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