Using 1,000,000 Ender Dragons To Take Over This Minecraft SMP…

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2022-08-29 submitted by
Daryl Wong
►Using 1025 Ender Dragons To Take Over This Minecraft SMP... 👍 "LIKE" FOR MORE Minecraft! ✔️Subscribe to me pls 👀 FOLLOW ME :D Twitch 📲 📸 🕹️Fan Discord: How i stole max hearts/infinite hearts on this minecraft smp to get revenge, this was using lifestealing every hearts on this smp using traps on your friends in minecraft, this is similar to the Lifesteal SMP in which we do the The Greatest Heist in Minecraft History to get over 100 wardens in full netherite and get revenge on our friends by fooling them with a real life netherite wardens in minecraft #Minecraft #MinecraftSMP
Using 1025 Ender Dragons To Take Over This Minecraft SMP...
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