How To FIND ANCIENT DEBRIS QUICKLY! | The Minecraft Guide - Tutorial Lets Play (Ep. 17)

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2020-10-02 submitted by
Daryl Wong
It's time for ancient debris elite natiooon. With this stuff we can power up HUGE TIME. In today's video I showcase the easiest & probably quickest way to find ancient debris in Minecraft. Ancient Debris is a new ore that is a piece of the Netherite puzzle. GAMER MERCH ā†’ Support me directly! ā†’ Want a Minecraft Server? ā†’ + use code "WATTLES" šŸ‘ ā€¢ LINKS ā€¢ ā–  Become a Channel Member ā–  Second Channel ā–  Twitter ā–  Instagram ā–  Discord ā–  Livestreams ā–  Subreddit ā–  Subscribe ā€¢ Some Playlists ā€¢ The Minecraft Guide ā†’ Minecraft Tutorials ā†’ Minecraft 1.17 Update ā†’ if you read this comment "treasure" #minecraftguide
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