Official Trailer for Cobblemon 1.5 - Ruins & Revival

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2024-05-12 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Welcome to our trailer for the Cobblemon 1.5 Update, Ruins & Revival! This update is for Java Minecraft 1.20.1 for Fabric and Forge. This update brings with it many new features, including: 99+ new Pokémon species, ruins and fossil structures, Tumblestones and ancient Poké balls, the Automaton armor trim, a Restoration Machine capable of reviving all fossil Pokémon, and much more! If you enjoy our work, join our community discord! Stay up to date with our development and share your Cobblemon journey! Download Cobblemon here! Cobblemon is brought to you by Cobbled Studios. Models, textures and animations, and Acting Credits: The Cobblemon Development Team Build Credits: Cobbled Construction Crew Audio & Music by: @Sterrezo Additional Music by: @mitchlg531 Editing, Production, & Game Capture by: @sunburntzion9988 Editing, Production, Game Capture, & Directed by: @virtcreates Actors: @CallieBuilds, @drewlordy, @TehWildcardBeats, @Giodude-db8ip, @Brotat, @QriviateA, Klee Hubertus, Strawberrimilkshake, & the Cobblemon Dev Team Find the Cobblemon Server that's right for you: Disclaimer: Some Pokémon in this trailer were represented by Figura actors and are not accurate representations of in-game behaviors. #Cobblemon #minecraft #pokemon
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