Tips & Tricks for Stardew Valley Beginners (SPOILER FREE!)

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2024-02-10 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Spoiler free, helpful tips and tricks for Stardew Valley beginners that are starting a new save in preparation for the 1.6 update coming in 2024. ∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘ Join this channel to get access to perks: Visit (or use code MRIZZZZZ at checkout) for 10% off any purchase! More Affiliate Links: Join the MRIZCORD: You can find more links to my music, content, & social media here: ∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘ For business inquiries only: ∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘ #stardewvalley #stardewvalleyupdate #concernedape ∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘∘°∘♡∘°∘ Intro 00:00 Choosing a Farm Type 01:50 Community Center vs. Joja Route 02:45 Community Center Bundles 03:35 Farming 04:50 Energy 07:13 Fishing 09:15 Mining 10:47 Animals 13:26 Organization 15:00 NPCs 17:09 Outro 18:40
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