This is AMAZING, my first time in Outer Wilds [Part 1]

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2022-09-11 submitted by
Daryl Wong
This is my first time in Outer Wilds, so join me on Part 1 of my lets play! This is AMAZING so far! This is my first playthrough of Outer Wilds! I thought it would be fun to start off a Game Dev plays series. Thank you so much for watching and for all of your support! If you liked this, try: ________________________________________ ☆SUPPORT ME☆ TV & Film: ________________________________________ ☆Donate: ⇾ ☆☆☆ Production Music & Sound from Epidemic Sound: ________________________________________ #outerwilds #letsplay #symbalily #AGameDevPlays #reaction #videogames #gamer #girlgamer #firstplaythrough #firsttime
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