Illuvium: Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Collectible RPG & Autobattler Game

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2021-10-30 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Witness the power clash of the Illuvials as they fight for dominance in a vast world of breathtaking biomes. Autobattle encounters, the mining of shards, and harvesting resources are revealed in this showcase of Illuvium’s in-game overworld and battle boards. 🚀🌕 Pre-register now: & join our community: After a catastrophic crashland on an alien planet, you are marooned—unable to return to the stars. As a ranger of your spacefaring civilization, you sense that your survival depends on hunting, capturing, and harnessing the power of the deity-like creatures that dominate the wilderness. Fire up your jetpack, don your GravBoots, and ascend to the summits of Sanctum Mesa for a first look at the epic panorama of this shattered land. In the heart of your quest is a simple question: Have we found the place where we belong? ABOUT THE GAME Illuvium is an open-world RPG, monster collector and autobattler game built on the Ethereum Blockchain, releasing on PC and Mac in 2022. Play-to-earn in a graphically-rich sci-fi adventure and conquer the wilderness to help your crash-landed crew flourish. Race across crystal labyrinths, toxic deserts, and windswept mountain summits. Quest to uncover the cause of the cataclysm that shattered Illuvium. Hunt and capture Illuvials, powerful creatures who rule the land. Train and fuse your Illuvials into powerful evolutions. Build your ultimate Illuvial team to take into battles and tournaments in PvE and PvP Arenas. As you discover the capabilities of the Illuvials you collect, use your creativity to build unique synergies to outsmart your opponents. Hit a winning streak as you best other hunters to become the strongest Ranger on this planet. Illuvium’s collectible NFT games feature crypto token assets with functionality and a gaming use case, interoperable across the Illuvium universe and the larger DeFi metaverse. The decentralized NFT collection offers players a user-maintained custody never before possible in mainstream gaming. Follow for character leaks, gameplay reveals, dev updates and more: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #Illuvium #FightforETH
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