Pokemon Emerald - All Legendary Pokemon Locations

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2019-03-03 submitted by Daryl Wong
►00:00 - Intro ►00:08 - Rayquaza ►04:02 - Kyogre (location Route 105,125,127 and 129) ►09:55 - Groudon (location Route 144,115,116 and 118) ►12:57 - Sealed Chamber (Unlocked all Three Regis.Required Wailord First Team and Relicanth Last Team) ►16:23 - Regirock (Read message first then two steps down , two steps left and use rock smash) ►20:09 - Regice (Walk around the cave starting to the right) ►23:14 - Registeel (Step the center of the cave) ►28:02 - Latios/Latias (If you chose red you'll find Latias or if you chose blue you'll find latios roaming around) ►30:10 - Latios/Latias (EON TICKET) ►34:27 - Mew (Japanese Version Only) ►37:20 - Lugia ►40:30 - Ho-Oh ►42:41 - Deoxys For Gengar or Scizor https://youtu.be/NmHCX5RU9fE
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