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2022-09-28 submitted by
Daryl Wong
In this video, we will be having our first time playing the brand new Fifa 23 released by EA. We will be talking about new Fifa 23 features such as Hypermotion 2, Ultimate Team chemistry changes and freekick/corner taking being different. This is a very exciting video for me to make as Fifa 23 is a game I have been hyped about for a long time and it is finally here! The new era of Fifa is here on the channel, the transition between Fifa 22 and Fifa 23 will now begin! I shall try to upload as often as possible! In terms of future content on Fifa 23, I want to make videos on Career Mode as per usual with Takeovers, Rebuilds and start a new career mode series with a mystery club (you will find out soon). Along with this traditional Career Mode content, I also want to experiment with other gamemodes such as EA Sport;s Ultimate Team and do more videos playing with friends! All of these types of content I hope you will enjoy! What are your opinions on Fifa 23? Thank you to Luczan for the thumbnail! FIFA 23 is a popular football game by EA Sports (Electronic Arts). EA created FIFA Career Mode which is a popular mode in FIFA which allows for team building like this. Career Mode is one of the many modes in FIFA, alongside modes like Ultimate Team (FUT).
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