ALL Shiny Hunting Methods in Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield - Shiny Hunting Guide

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2020-01-21 submitted by
Daryl Wong
All of the Shiny Hunting Methods that are in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield! There are timestamps below to help you find what you need from this video! Shiny Hunting on my Twitch Live Streams SMK Plays Pixelmon This video will explain How to get Shiny Pokemon and how to shiny hunt in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Hopefully by the end of this video you understand how to shiny hunt for Shiny Pokemon! You can find the shiny hunting odds for each Shiny Hunting Method in this video! Go to the timestamps for the method you are looking for! 1. Things to do BEFORE Shiny Hunting - 0:39 2. Shiny LOCKED Pokemon - 5:02 3. Full Odds Shiny Hunting - 6:13 4. Fossil Shiny Hunting + Tips 14:11 5. KO Method (The NEWEST Method in Pokemon Sword/Shield) 23:50 6. Breeding Shiny Pokemon (Masuda Method) - 32:30 7. Max Raid Battles/Shiny Dens - 40:32 8. How to get the SHINY CHARM - 46:50 9. Star Shiny Pokemon vs Square Shiny Pokemon Information 48:54 "Video Credit to these Youtubers" "ShinyCollector" Video about getting a Shiny Corviknight by doing Soft Reset Random Encounters "HoodlumCallum" Shiny Fossil Pokemon Proof while using the Horipad Turbo Controller for Nintendo Switch "Austin John Plays" Video that explains in DETAIL on how to get Shiny Dens for Shiny Maid Raid Battle Pokemon! (I PAID FOR THIS CONTROLLER WITH MY OWN MONEY! I just really liked the controller and wanted to show how it helped for Shiny Hunting) Nintendo Switch HORIPAD Wired Controller Officially Licensed by Nintendo (Amazon) SUBSCRIBE to SMK: TWITCH: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: *THIS IS NEVER REQUIRED* For the people who Enjoy my content and want to support future videos, live streams, or any type of content from myself. You can send a Donation at any time with the link below. The money goes directly towards me and no matter what you send it will always help with whatever project I'm working on and it means a lot to me so Thank you! Subscribe to my Minecraft Youtube Channel "BuildwithFive" **Support SMK by using my Codes!** USE CODE SMKGAMING05 in the Fortnite ITEM SHOP USE CODE SMK for 10% OFF GFUEL! USE CODE SMK for 25% OFF a Minecraft Server with MCProhosting! #Pokemon #ShinyHunting #PokemonSwordandShield
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