Big Boobed Sword Lady - CODE VEIN Let's Play Part 31 #codevein

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Directionally Challenged
Big Boobed Sword Lady - CODE VEIN Let's Play Part 31 #codevein Let's Play An Anime Game ! By Bandai Namco ! Hey everyone! Welcome to my Code Vein Let’s Play ! AKA! Anime Souls ! Yes, Code Vein has been dubbed anime Souls by the people for being an anime version of dark souls… to be honest yes, Code Vein is indeed anime souls . But it’s really well done and really fun! I recorded this like all night because I was really enjoying making a Code Vein Let’s Play ! If you’ve never heard of Code Vein before hopefully I can be your first introduction into the world of Anime Souls! Or just into the world of this let’s play code vein series… #codevein ! Either way, basically you are a revenant! A sort of undead zombie vampire thing! You need human blood to survive, but there’s none. So you need blood beads! Now sad times, as there are none, they dried up. But Hey In Code Vein aka Anime Souls you are special! Your blood brings back all the fountains and such! It’s very interesting! There’s things like bonfires that you have to give life too and you can level up! So hopefully you’re searching for some Code Vein Let’s Play and you came across mine! So that you can see all of this for yourself! I’m really glad I get to play this game and I’m glad I can do a Let’s Play Code Vein for all of you! I’ve been waiting weeks for Code Vein to get released so I could do this Code Vein let’s play! I’m serious by the way, I’ve been waiting weeks! So onto what this Let’s Play consists of! We make our character and get into the world of Code Vein! Next episode is when things start to get spicy so stick around for this Code Vein Let’s Play and we’ll all get to see where it goes and what twists and turns the plot may take! #codevein So yeah if you like Dark souls, or anime games, then code vein is a really good game to pick up and this code vein let's play is the series for you! I hope you enjoy my code vein gameplay and check out more of my channel! If you've never heard of code vein before, I hope i can introduce you to this world with this let's place code vein series! enjoy this dark souls like game and check out some more of my action rpg's i've done! so let's get into it and let's play code vein! Directionally Challenged here... yes that's right The #DirectionallyChallenged king of the #LetsPlay and #Gaming community (not really.) ,code vein is made by bandai namco and is an action rpg, anime, Dark Souls Like Game or basically anime dark souls. in this Let's Play Code Vein or Code Vein Let's Play (however you like it) We'll be seeing how far I can go! so lets play code vein and hopefully give you all some good code vein gameplay. anime souls is coming to your house in the form of a code vein playthrough! So let's play an anime game #CODEVEIN Hit the Subscribe button to become a Navigator! Follow me on Social Media! twitter: facebook: Player.Me: Music stuffs- End Slate Music:Ouroboros Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Ross Bugden - Music
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Big Boobed Sword Lady - CODE VEIN Let's Play Part 31 #codevein
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