The Create Mod Wagon

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2023-01-23 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Welcome to the second episode of The Hammer for Season 2! In this video, we expand the starter base by adding a new Wagon for 'The Machinist' where we will run all our CREATE MOD related farms from! This is a modded Minecraft series based around the Conquest Reforged Mod, Create Mod, and Terraforged all to create a world where we progress through different technological stages. Mods: Astikor Carts, Back Tools, Yungs Better Caves, Yungs Better Mineshafts, Yungs Better Dungeons, Bountiful, Conquest Reforged (Requires dedicated RP), Create (Requires Extended Universe RP), Dynamic Surroundings, Journey Map, Optifine, Terraforged, Way Stones. Conquest Reforged: Terraforged: Shaders: BSL Download the modpack here: Skin by: @itspete3k All music by me. Links: Patreon: Instagram: Discord: Become a channel member here: #minecraft #survival #letsplay
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