The Last Batch - Breaking Bad Game Trailer

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2024-05-06 submitted by
Daryl Wong
"Breaking Bad: The Last Batch is a third-person action-adventure game that immerses players in the gritty world of "Breaking Bad". Journey through iconic locations from the hit TV series, encountering familiar faces such as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Explore desert expanses where secrets are buried and navigate the dangerous underworld of Albuquerque." As a passionate CGI artist and a fan of Breaking Bad, I've always wanted to create something within this universe. This video can be seen as a Fan made cinematic for a fictional game, rendered using @MaxonVFX Redshift. I've already begun developing a demo in Unreal Engine, so stay tuned for upcoming gameplay updates. If you want to discover more about the project feel free to visit my artstation and Instagram. Making Of: INSTAGRAM - ARTSTATION- FULL CREDITS: Created by Piotr Tatar - Hero FX by Orion Terry - Rv interior collabartion with Michal Bończyk - Sound Design by Bartosz Suchy - FX support Jarek Dawidziuk - #breakingbad #games #3danimation
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