Pokemon Sapphire Speedrun LIVE at Awesome Games Done Quick 2020! (With Commentary!)

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2020-01-09 submitted by
Daryl Wong
I did a Speedrun of Pokemon Sapphire Any% Glitchless live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2020! Pokemon Sapphire is a brutal game, but it is also a very rewarding run. There are so many things that can go wrong as well as frame perfect tricks that under normal circumstances are hard to pull off, let alone in font of an audience of 150,000 people... I gave everything I had preparing for this run, and even though I hit the ugly side of RNG, I’m happy with how I played and had a great time! Thanks to my couch (Shenanagans, Pokeguy and Arayalol) for helping me with the commentary and those who watched either at the event or from home! Thanks to SporadicErratic for hosting! And of course, thank you GamesDoneQuick for having me! Please check out their website and be sure to watch and donate while the event is still going on! ► https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequickhttps://gamesdonequick.com/ Timestamps for the beginning of the segments!: 0:00​ - Introduction 1:00 - Roxanne 20:17 - Brawly 32:35 - Rival 2 39:05​ - Wattson 45:48​ - Archie 1 55:38​ - Flannery 1:01:25 - Norman 1:10:35​ - Rival 3 1:19:00​ - Winona 1:25:05​ - Tate and Liza 1:38:13​ - Archie 2 1:44:22 - Wallace 1:47:23​ - Kyogre Manip 1:50:00​ - Wallace 2 1:53:08​ - Victory Road 2:00:15 - Sydney 2:02:30 - Phoebe 2:04:18​ - Glacia 2:09:37​ - Drake 2:11:52​ - Champion Games Done Quick is a semiannual video game speedrun charity marathon. In the summer, there is Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) and in the winter there is Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ). The events are broadcast live on Twitch. Viewers are encouraged to donate for incentives during the stream such as selecting the file name or main character's name in a run, having the runners attempt more difficult challenges, and entering raffles for the chance of winning prizes. Over $22.5 million has been raised across 24 marathons. I am proud to have been part of some of these marathons: I ran Pokemon Yellow at Awesome Games Done Quick 2016, participated in a Pokemon Red 4 man race at Summer Games Done Quick 2016, participated in a Pokemon Gold Any% Glitchless race against Pokeguy at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 and now this year I had the privilege of running Pokemon Sapphire at Awesome Games Done Quick 2020. ► Like the video if you enjoyed it! ► Subscribe to the channel and click the bell to receive notifications whenever new videos are uploaded to the channel! ► Follow me on Twitch!: https://www.twitch.tv/gunnermaniac ► Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/gunnermaniac ► Follow me on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/gunnermaniac3
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