I Played Bedwars In a Trampoline Park

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2022-03-16 submitted by
Daryl Wong
I Played Bedwars In a Trampoline Park ➨ I Bought a Trampoline Park to Play Bedwars πŸƒ Visit Tempest Freerunning Academy to learn parkour! πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ Locations in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. https://www.tempestacademy.com/ πŸ”΄ Twitch ➽ https://twitch.tv/fiizy πŸ”· Discord ➽ https://discord.gg/fiizy πŸŒ™ Lunar Cosmetics ➽ https://store.lunarclient.com/category/fiizy πŸ’œ MERCH ➽ https://fiizy.store πŸŽ₯ Clips Channel ➽ @Fiizy Clips In today's video, I played Bedwars but if I died, my bridging method changed. I had to try and win Bedwars while doing the craziest bridging methods such as god bridging and moonwalk bridging. Could I win Bedwars with all of these bridging methods? Watch to the end, it was hilarious! Zyph - @Zyph Target3DGaming - @Target3DGaming Mellomelt - @Mellomelt Deadfear - @DeadFear Edited by ➽ @AbbyElise Follow my socials: Twitter ➽ @itsfiizy Instagram ➽ @its.fiizy Snapchat ➽ @fiizysnaps Thank you for watching: I Played Bedwars In a Trampoline Park #Minecraft #Hypixel #Bedwars
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