Secret Life SMP - Ep3: Stealing The Servers Light!

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2023-11-03 submitted by
Daryl Wong
*LIFE SERIES MERCHANDISE* Link: Welcome to the Life SMP season 5 renamed Secret Life - episode 3! We start Secret Life Ep3 out by getting diamonds and my secret task for the episode! ---------------------------------------------- My Links and stuff: * Patreon: * T-Shirt Shop: * Twitter:!/GTWScar * Twitch: * Instagram: * Facebook: -------------------------------------------------------- Last Life series server members list! Check them all out! Grian: Smallishbeans: Smajor1995: bigbst4tz2: Etho: BdoubleO100: PearlescentMoon: InTheLittleWood: GoodTimeWithScar: impulseSV: Tango: ZombieCleo: SolidarityGaming: Skizzleman: Geminitay: Mumbo Jumbo: LDShadowLady: #secretlife #lifeseries
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