How I Built The RICHEST Cartel Empire in DayZ...

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2022-08-31 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Don't forget to play War Thunder now using my link, and get yourself a massive, free bonus pack including multiple premium vehicles, premium accounts, boosters, and more - War Thunder is a highly detailed vehicle combat game containing over 2000 playable tanks, aircraft and ships spanning over 100 years of development. Immerse yourself completely in dynamic battles with an unparalleled combination of realism and approachability. In this video, Eddie returns to rebuild the DayZ cartel and make it even bigger than before. Although, this time the enemies were in full force to take us out and stop us succeeding. Excluding cinematics, and narration - every element of this video is 100% raw, and organic footage recorded on a live server. Recorded on: KRYPTIC - Main ──────── MORE JLK ──────── Discord Server ➤ Twitter ➤ Twitch ➤ ─── CREATORS IN THIS VIDEO ─── ThingsWithAli - Tommy - Zodec - Oggy - ───────── MUSIC ───────── Music Used in this Video: ➤ ───────── OTHER ───────── Intro - 0:00 The Story - 0:53 Sponsored Segment - 16:20 The Story - 17:29 #DAYZ
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